Thursday, June 2, 2011's JUNE?

They say when you get older, time goes by faster.  OY!!   It's true.  Now, let's see....twelve months in a year;  four months' indolence - isn't that a quarter of  a year?  Or is it a third....hmmm...three fours are twelve, yes?  So it's a third?  I'll go with that.  ((Darn teachers were right, I should've tried harder in elementary  math -- one year my parents gave me a new chess set for getting a D in math!  It wasn't an F!)

So what happened in May, anything?  Well!  Lay-deez and gentle-mens, May was so chock-full that I should've blogged every day.  SO I need to make up for it now, and I will.  I still have to futz some with my pictures, and this may take some days, so (as I am SO fond of saying) BEAR WITH ME!!

Here's what you'll see here over the next few days:

1.  As BAD as December, January, February and March were, and April just a slight improvement, May was all-around spectacular.  I still have vestiges of the #)#**&@ tremor, but am Adjusting the Medication and (hopefully) beating it.

2.  May included our 25th Wedding Anniversary (!).  Or...29th year together if you count our four years of Shackin' Up before traditional Her Old Man and His Old Lady -- we hippies did that, you know.  And there WILL be a whole blog about it, because while we generally go camping in a canvas wedge tent with no floor, and while we have dine on our anniversary at Taco Bell (hey hey hey here....we both LIKE Taco Bell and I still have TWO eyeball straws from there so shut up) -- this year Mr. Dearling took me to CELEBRATE our Silver Anniversary in style.  We spent a week at....ready?  Remember the wedge tent with no floor?  We spent a week at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island!!

Of course I took pictures.  It was perfect;  there was not one moment that we did not enjoyIt's required to "dress for dinner" so with one exception, we DID though it were 1890.  We had such fun - and being elegantly dressed reminded us that we were NOT at home and no matter how great the temptation, plate-licking was not allowed.  (See "hippies", above.)

3.  May also included my blogiversary, but being on May 11 we were still portraying 120-year-old visitors, (dare I say?) I forgot.  So I'll mention that too.  And I have a Resolution to try to pick it up now that I seem to be largely recovered (that thumping you hear is me pounding vigorously on anything resembling wood).

I'm back to work, mostly -- and a good thing, too, because we're getting ENORMOUS tour groups at the Museum -- all the kids from all over the state who cancelled because they couldn't pair it with their usual tours of the Capitol.  (We've had a protest or two, you might've seen references.)  It's still very wonky here in Wisconsin;  for petessakes.  Recall Walker ("Stalker"  "Hawker" &C &C).  Ain't going all political here - suffice it to say I love living in Madison, Wisconsin.

There's no more ice around, the weather is mild, my beloved lilac bush had flowers this year, the peonies are covered with buds (and their attending Caretaking Ants) and our backyard looks like....well, the Amazon comes to mind.

We've had the delight of attending a lovely wedding of friends, we're looking forward to a granddaughter's high school graduation, and it's very pleasant, being summer.  We have some living history events planned, and my assignment (should I choose to go) is my upcoming high school reunion in September. 

Ready for this?  It's our FIFTIETH HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!  I may go just to see who's still alive!! this space.