Tuesday, January 11, 2011


....otherwise "01-11-11".  That has to be historical.  Only thing that'll be better will be in November, right?  Because that'll be "11-11-11".  Now THAT is cool.

On the "me" front - still battling the Blarg.  Able to stay awake for a few hours at a time.  Sleeping great - but I still feel like my old "me" is lying around somewhere.  I still am hoping that some combination of things will stir the Old Me into coming home.

This afternoon I'm going to talk to someone who might have some answers - and some insights.

I'm also going out for lunch shortly.  I'll order something Mr. Dearling likes so we can share it!

PS:  Evangeline....and Mr Dearling....are taking CAPITAL care of me, and Lilliane is helping too.  At the end of this I'll report on what effect 10 hours a day of "Law and Order" and "CSI" has on the human brain.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Blarg, phase two

OK, so I went to the doctor again today.  Now - my own doctor is on vacation (if anyone ever deserves a vacation it's a good and thoughtful doctor) so I saw one of her partners.  I like my doctor a lot.  I like her partner even more.....

Turns out she's young, very friendly, and shares a whole bunch o' Points of Commonality with us: 
1.  She's an MOT  (Jewish....we refer to one another informally as "members of the tribe");
2.  She's a transplanted New Yorker - in fact, grew up on Long Island (as did Mr. Dearling);
3.  Her husband is a goy (non-Jew...NOT a derogatory term;  Mr. Dearling is also goyesha)
4.  We have some friends in common!

So I enjoyed visiting with her.  But we weren't there for tea - in fact, Mr. Dearling had a list.  So we went over everything, she took notes, ordered a couple more tests (*blood tests...see below) and changed out a  couple of prescriptions.  I've said it before - I'll say it again:  I'm a believer in Better Living Through Chemistry.  In this case....from my lips to God's ears.

So we'll see what the next couple of days hold - hopefully some improvement because as much as I love "CSI" (the original one) I'm beginning to tire of it, as I watch it all day.  This is still a Heckuva Major Drag.


*Blood Tests:  I have perfectly lovely large vein s in my elbows (I may have mentioned that before, too tired to go back and look - apologies, if so).  And I have no qualms, fears, problems about blood draws.  At least not by normal phlebotomists in lab coats.  Long capes, sparkling teeth - not so sure.

Insult to Injury...

Well, here I am again - STILL in the doldrums.  Not feeling much better.  ANY better.  Plus...I seem to be coming down with a cold.  Sneezing my head off.  Coughing some (repaired by honey-filled cough drops, though - at least).

Going back to doctor today - my own is off for a couple of weeks, so a different one.  Not sure what on earth the outcome will be...but let me tell you, I am entirely and thoroughly worn out, fed up, disgusted, bored and tired of The View from The Couch.

Still too weary to hold up a book;  nothing in the head to write, and I've probably knitted 75 stitches since -- oh -- December 2 or so.  (I can say that pretty precisely - I have a scarf on the needles that's 25 stitches wide.)

Having sat up long enough to write this, I'm plumb worn out and will take to my chaise for a nap.

I'll try to report back after the visit to La Medecine....