Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Blarg, phase two

OK, so I went to the doctor again today.  Now - my own doctor is on vacation (if anyone ever deserves a vacation it's a good and thoughtful doctor) so I saw one of her partners.  I like my doctor a lot.  I like her partner even more.....

Turns out she's young, very friendly, and shares a whole bunch o' Points of Commonality with us: 
1.  She's an MOT  (Jewish....we refer to one another informally as "members of the tribe");
2.  She's a transplanted New Yorker - in fact, grew up on Long Island (as did Mr. Dearling);
3.  Her husband is a goy (non-Jew...NOT a derogatory term;  Mr. Dearling is also goyesha)
4.  We have some friends in common!

So I enjoyed visiting with her.  But we weren't there for tea - in fact, Mr. Dearling had a list.  So we went over everything, she took notes, ordered a couple more tests (*blood tests...see below) and changed out a  couple of prescriptions.  I've said it before - I'll say it again:  I'm a believer in Better Living Through Chemistry.  In this case....from my lips to God's ears.

So we'll see what the next couple of days hold - hopefully some improvement because as much as I love "CSI" (the original one) I'm beginning to tire of it, as I watch it all day.  This is still a Heckuva Major Drag.


*Blood Tests:  I have perfectly lovely large vein s in my elbows (I may have mentioned that before, too tired to go back and look - apologies, if so).  And I have no qualms, fears, problems about blood draws.  At least not by normal phlebotomists in lab coats.  Long capes, sparkling teeth - not so sure.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my thoughts, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Dale- You know I think about you a lot and keep thinking how nice it would be to get together. Here's to a speedy recovery, but in the meantime drink lots of tea and snuggle your kitties :)

MollyBeees said...

DH! WHAT is going on with you. No more being in Blargville. I forbid it. There, I have spoken.

Jamwes said...

Good luck!!! Get better soon!

CTJen said...

Hang in there! Do you have a netflix account? You can watch movies and whatnot right on your computer! Might be a change from CSI reruns. Hope you feel better soon! <3