Monday, June 18, 2007

In the name of Full Disclosure

OK - here's my Kureyon Old Shale scarf coming right along. Amazing color! I am loving it...oh oh. Wait. What's that LUMP? That unsightly BULGE, right there above the blue, where it's oh-so-obvious? Will canny blocking make it disappear? Is it just a nub of thicker yarn? (Naww, I don't think so.) Do I frog? Tink?

Alas, I do not. I figure out a way to tuck that bit in - or better yet, I write my way out of it. Let's see....That irregularity shall be worn proudly, to ever remind me of my limited Uh -- that bulge contains laughter, merriment, with which I mean to delight the wearer.....Naw. I don't think that's an off-the-top rationalization, it'll take some real thought. But I AM a better writer than knitter, I'll come up with something.
But I do see the glory of that yarn. The flow of color even survives my questionable ability, and to tell you the truth, it'll look totally smashing with my burgundy coat. In November. "Why do you knit lovely warm mufflers in June, Dale-Harriet?" "Because I'm a Process Knitter, dearie - and I'm a tad seasonally-challenged." Live with it.

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Kristy said...

I think the scarf is lovely and don't even notice the aforementioned bulge. I'm sure it will be block out.

Also, it warms my heart to know that there are other process knitters out there, who just knit along on whatever they won't regardless of season. One of these days, I hope to be the kind of knitter that whips out a project super fast and, you know, in season.