Saturday, October 6, 2007

Soiree, Fete, Par-TEE! (Part One)

Last night (Friday) was the Late-Night Knit at The Sow's Ear, my most favoritest shop in the world. Of any sort. Anywhere. (Well...I did love that witchy shop in Salem Mass but that's different.) It was also the Fifth-Birthday-Grand-Opening-Under-New-Management party, and a fabulous evening it was! The cake was darling, an exact copy of the logo we've all come to love, that merry little piggie with her cup of tea and knitting; they even replicated the lettering exactly. As you might imagine, there are darling little piggies all over the shop, tucked in among books and needles and yarn.

The Lovely Daughter got there before me and secured "our table". There was quite a crowd already. Now, "the Ear" boasts a wide, varied array of beverages, both hot and cold. Teas, coffees, Italian sodas, and they also have a menu of delightful little salads and sammiches, just the right fare for a knitting repast. But in honor of the festivities there were cookies, plates of veggies and dip (cold, crisp and delicious), a silver three-tiered tray with wonderful little pinwheel sammiches and - this being Wisconsin - a noble tray laden with several kinds of rich cheese and little crackers. (For my part, I don't bother with the crackers. I eat my cheese straight up.)

This was around 7:00 pm,a good crowd, but it swelled later on. There were small tables placed around among the yarns and even in the classroom and every chair, sofa, nook and cranny was filled with diligent knitters. A high point of the evening for me was when Mrs. SABLE arrived - and introduced me Molly Bee (whose blog I read but haven't met) and a bit later, to Beth in WI (Chocolate Sheep)! We had our own little Cheesehead Blogosphere corner right there, and I don't mind telling you I was honored to be in their company. What fun!

Mrs SABLE and the Lovely Daughter wandered out eventually, Molly Bee not so long after, but Beth and I all but closed the place down, leaving only when the proprietors had taken to wiping down tables and putting feet up.

As you can see, here are the makings of a fine party (all enhanced mightily by first-rate company, might I add). That's the ruins of Lovely Daughter's cake and her brilliant green Italian soda ("Peppermint, Mom, remember I don't like spearmint!") and the last remnants of her skein of "Ranch" Homespun by Lion Brand.

(More of that in next post, added shortly in the name of Better Distribution of Pictures...I'll learn in time, really I will.)

On my side - the remnants of my cake (entirely gone 38 seconds after photo), my Autumn Festival iced latte (it had a better name than that, but think pumpkin spices, cinnamon, whipped cream, whole milk -- I say wotthehell archie wotthehell) and the beginning of my ninety-threeth toque, give or take. Not long after the picture I finished my increases and, lured astray by the Spectre of 21st Century Convenience, switched to a circular needle. I KNOW, I KNOW! Don't be yellin' at me; I don't have to "knit authentically" when I'm to home, for petessakes.

All in all, an evening of merriment, knitting, munchies, fellow bloggers, fellow knitters and one of those periods of camaraderie typical of Gatherings of Knitters. Oh, and yes of COURSE I bought something. Sheesh. I bought two skeins of Lamb's Pride "Rust" and one of Lamb's Pride "Deep Pine" - worsted weight - having been inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl's darling pumpkin hats. I do believe I'll whomp out three of them and inflect them, upon my three little grand-lads. They're 6, 6 and 3, so hopefully not yet to the eye-rolling stage. Pictures later.

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