Thursday, November 1, 2007

Leaving Miss Daisy~~~

OK, here's the deal: I read somewhere that November (which it is now, as I write) is "blog daily month" or some such. I thought that might be an interesting challenge, seeing if I *could* write something every day. When I set off to negotiate the Blogosphere I intended to write every day. Remember what the Road to Hell is paved with? Yup, those.

However, I'm defeated before starting, as I will be away from home from Thursday morning until Sunday night (or, possibly, Monday). And this is not a trip on which I can be accompanied by Daisy. NOTE: I name things. Lots of things. My Dell laptop (which I adore madly) is named "Daisy". My flashdrive is named "Ygraine", because it appears as the "E" drive. (Yes, yes, I know "Ygraine" starts with a *Y*; it's all in the pronunciation.) My cell phone is "Heloise" (Mr Dearling's phone is named "Abelard".)

We're going to an 18th century event (hence photograph of the interior of a Fur Post). It's called "NAVC" - North American Voyageurs' Council, and it's a long weekend of workshops, presentations, programs, camaraderie, conversation and fun. It's not a typical rendezvous in that we don't camp (there's a dormitory sort of thing for lodging); it's not open to the public at all; it's more a study sort of situation. The very modest fee covers lodging, many of the programs and MEALS. This is no small thing, as the meals are prepared by a darling girl named Kiri Butter (can you imagine a better name for a COOK?) and her colleagues, and the fare is absolutely first-rate. There are some additional fees for workshops where materials are provided.

Among the offerings are classes in silversmithing - the making of pieces of Trade Silver; blacksmithing, basket-making, moccasin-making -- that sort of thing. There are also programs that are informational, about life in the 18th century, tattoos among the native and French-Canadian population, high wines and brandies of the 18th century - and "A History of Dolls in the 18th Century."

That last? I'm giving that one! Ten years' working at Pleasant Company, a passion for toys and playthings through history and the fact that I am, in Mr Dearling's description, "64 going on 11" provide my necessary credentials. ("But you're a very NICE 11-year-old", says he.) All of the above combine in the following result: I won't be on line or near a computer...including my portable, wireless-enabled Daisy.

A special friend of mine is doing a workshop on Beginning Knitting, however; I won't TAKE take it, but am looking forward to sitting in to learn some finer points of the history of knitting in New France. I'm anticipating a very social few days, good conmpany, good knitting, good food - and (hopefully) a successful program about my dollies.

I shall make notes of the goings-on, the menus, the sights and sounds and stitches - and I'LL report as soon as the opportunity arises. I do mean to finish the third pumpkin hat and either finish or nearly finish the commissioned toque on the needles. (As it's not a "historical accuracy in camp" type of thing, I can continue on my circulars for the duration.)

Bye, Daisy. I'll see you soon. I love you.


sophanne said...

The blogland powers that be had a joke in their head when they decided that November was post daily month. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas. Why not February say I?

MollyBeees said...

Have a wonderful time at 'camp'. We'll miss you. I'll tip a 20 Below Hot Chocolate in your honor at the Ear tomorrow night!

Elizabeth said...

Have a great time. Catch you on the flip side.

MX said...

Vaya Con Dios mi amiga! I look forward to a full report.

kmkat said...

I think the gods of NaNoBlMo or whatever it's called would grant you an official dispensation on historical grounds. Have a great time!

Jane said...

Looks like an interesting weekend. I'd love to know more about dolls in the 18th century. I never played with dolls as a child, but I think the historical aspect would be fascinating.