Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gearing Up...

OK, I'm going to begin with a link. I think this should be required reading. For EVERYONE. I'm going to print it out and carry it with me everywhere - maybe I'll get it laminated. I encourage you to read it, I'll wait here.

It's the October 7 entry from Crazy Aunt Purl . These are troublous times, ladies and gennulmen, and between the state of the economy and the state of everything else, all leading up to the Election, it's enough to make one want to curl up in a dark corner with a good book and a cat and not emerge until December 1. But truly everyone I know is suddenly awfully aware of money, and more than a few of us are realizing we coulda - shoulda - wisht we'da done better with our finances. So now go read that thing, and then come back here.

One nice thing about Autumn: one of life's greatest pleasures is stretching out on the couch with a nice knitted throw -- and being snuggled on by cats. Seems like these days I'm on an upward curve of Busy, and these moments become rarer. Of course, the more rare an occurrence the more delicious it becomes, and more appreciated. This is a picture of Me, Happy.

Ooooh - to reply to some comments:

1. Janna: yes, I'm enjoying the book HUGELY! It's like sitting down at the author's kitchen table, and it's a very comforting, delightful book.

2. Lee - I hope I haven't missed your visit! But for now and future reference, I would allow a couple of hours, especially if you're the I-Read-Captions type. The first floor has some cool political information on the walls; the second floor deals with Native American life, paleo-Indian to post-contact (BE SURE TO SEE THE FUR TRADE POST on account of Mr Dearling and I outfitted it and we lurves it); the third floor is the lead mine, which is kinda cool, the Immigration area which I love, and bits on farming, lumbering and manufacture. The fourth floor has some neat political things, a bit on the Ringling Bros. circus, a SPECTACULAR big window with the BEST view of the Capital -- and ODD WISCONSIN, which warrants, I'd say, about 45 minutes - more if you're soppy, maudlin, over-emotional and drippy. I know I am.{heh}

3. Chanter: WELCOME TO MADISON!! Oooh, I'm a one-woman welcome wagon ... feel free to email me and I'll figure a time to show you the sights! (Don't you just adore those wonderful kittens?)

4. KMKat: I'll take a rain check - although I'd sure have loved to see your cast with that brilliant bionic limb inside of it.

Now then. Remember the Great Linen Closet Rant? Well, when Mr Dearling was off enjoying the Adirondacks I really DID take it on. It took me about five hours ... maybe 45 minutes. But the satisfaction? Priceless!:

Shameless chaotic mess of a Linen Closet

Now, there is one thing. At least the stuff is IN the linen closet. I mean, let it be said that I am very aware that it could be worse. If Better Homes and Gardens ever comes around, you know - photographing linen closets &c, even with the bad one the linens are in there (also a lot of toilet paper, on the top shelf, but nevermind).

Clean (but empty) linen closet

OK, I can't take any credit for this, obviously. If there's nothing in it, of COURSE it looks tidy.

GOOD linen closet!

OK, this is more like it. Now I can relax; the mismatched and occasionally ugly towels are neatly folded, the pillowcases (inside-out) are stacked together, the washcloths are together. I can sleep easily now, knowing that a midnight raid by Martha Stewart would garner the "It's a good thing" comment. Provided she was led blindfolded through the house, positioned right in front of said linen closet, and allowed one peek. So there you are.

Oddment: something just popped into my head -- I expect it's because the clutter in that part of my brain increased to the point that these bits pop out. Remember how people used to say "Ye gods and little fishes!" How much nicer than @#$)(@#)($. Also, if you're in need of something to call people under your breath (you might be amazed at what I call people from the protection of my car) try "PUNK RAMPANT!!" That's from Shakespeare, "Romeo & Juliet". And really, it sounds much classier than "dickwad".

Now - a moment of silence for Nick Reynolds, of the Kingston Trio, who died last week. He was the short one. I loved the Kingston Trio, and I'm glad there are still a lot of CDs available. Go watch them on You Tube.

Now I'm going back to work on The Scarf. Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, so I won't be writing - but look for me Thursday night, after sundown.

May you all be written, with joy, into the Book of Life for another year.


janna said...

Isn't it amazing how something that you're dreading, like cleaning the linen closet, turns out to not be so bad, and not take nearly the time you thought it would? I need to remind myself of that, and defrost my ca. 1983 fridge!

Alison said...

Maybe I'm crazy but I really LOVE organizing stuff like linen closets and the like. It's really calming to open the closet door and see everything neat and tidy! :) On a separate note I am coming back soon (!!) in early December and I can't wait to meet up with you both again! I hope Odd Wisconsin will still be up at the museum that is something I'd definitely like to see!

cheesehead with sticks said...

Hehe - everytime I fold our mismatched and fraying towels I say to myself "I am not my towels" and then remind myself how wasteful of money and recources it would be to toss them and buy new ones just so they look better. I'm sure our ancestors did not throw perfectly good but used things out just for the hey of it.

Right? Cuz it makes me feel better about mismatched fraying towels anyway :)

Alwen said...

I confess to mismatched towels, but you should see my mismatched sheets!

Oddly, my sheets and towels are probably some of the organized bits of my often disorganized and mismatched life.

In money matters, I am happy to say I am not that disorganized.

(And thank you for the congratulations on my Willow. I am feeling more than a little starstruck and fangirl-ish to know you!)

sheila said...

Punk Rampant! I watched Zeffireli's Romeo and Juliet on Sunday. It was the first time I'd ever seen it, strange to say.

Juli said...

Thank you, Dearest Aunt, for bringing a fresh viewpoint to my thoroughly exhausted brain. This weekend I shall endeavour to get things IN the closet and be done with it. Please don't tell my mother; I SHALL have this place clean for Thanksgiving visitiness.
Speaking of which, are you going to ruin everything by not coming? Who will I go yarn shopping with?