Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm whispering here.....

...because it's not always popular to say "BOY do I love all this snow!" But that's the truth, I'm afraid. Since I last wrote we had another spate of snow - I think about 9" or so, and it's all sparkly and quiet and muffled, and wintry and beautiful. This is what Winter was like when I was a girl, and -- well, it might be that I'm about 2/3 Mukwah , "bear", and I do love hibernating. Nesting.

We've been down to one car since Friday - Mr Dearling has these a-MAY-zing ears, and heard something "off" as we were driving home from the Museum, so he dropped me at home and took the car to the shop; sure enough, beloved Deerslayer* needs new brake pads, and you don't be fooling around with that, particularly not in Wisconsin Winter! Truth is, the second car is a luxury, NOT a necessity; it's a convenience, one we're used to and enjoy, though. Actually we don't often use the second car, as Mr Dearling walks. Walks uptown to the Museum (some nine miles)(and sometimes home too). Takes a daily constitutional through the Arboretum (averaging 8-10 miles). And I know it's really Winter because he's taken to wearing LONG PANTS. When it gets down to single digits he grumblingly puts away his shorts.

But you know, if he's going to the Archaelogical Society meeting and I have a Knit Night.......or, conversely, if I am going to the Archaelogical Society meeting and he's going to Knit...uhn...mmmm...well, you get the picture. Wonderful convenience.

* Deerslayer: our wonderful 1992 Toyota Camry Wagon, over 260,000 miles - and she's killed two deer and a 25-lb. turkey. Because Mr Dearling is the Wisest of Automobile Purchasers, he got her at the end of the model year for a very good price, and she has six (count 'em, 6 !) speakers, nice rear-window defroster, outside mirrors you can wiggle around with a knob - and get this: there's a little ring that illuminates for a moment when you get into the car, so if you're quick you can plug that ol' key right in, even in the dark.


(A propos of absolutely nothing - have I mentioned I digress?) In the meantime, we haven't had to go out much - other than one trip to the bookstore for the "books" part of the grandkids' Christmas presents.

What else is new, Dale-Harriet? Well - other than NOT having achieved Finished status on the scarf or the toque yet and having missed Late-Night Knit (on account of the Winter Storm, (yes, if you could see me, I am blushing) or making much progress on the mittens, I have a couple of things to report.

First, I have a new pet! The kitties seem to get along fine with him -- he never tries to get onto their kitty tree or eat their food, although I did have to rescue him from their drinking fountain one day when Evangeline wanted to get a drink.

He didn't have a name for a couple of days - but you know how it is - they sort of tell you what they want to be called? This is Ralph! He was keeping me company in the bathroom before bed and I think he was pretty tired, because it's really hard to get a picture of him when he's not racing around playing with his toys. Mr Dearling says I can keep him unless he starts eating more than the cats do. I have to look up to see how long they live, because I don't want to get caught off-guard and wind up with big vet bills or anything. I don't know how old he is, but he looks pretty healthy. I keep his toys separate from the cats' because I don't want any jealousy.

Second, I did my "Manners, Mending and Morals" program at one of our favorite senior centers last week. I added a few pictures to the Power Point, but I have to see if I can figure out how to add some text to the new pictures in the same font, &c. I need to find a class - maybe at the Technical College - because I'd like to learn some real skill in preparing Power Points.

It is NOT lost on me - the weirdness of appearing as a mid-19th century woman....with a Power Point slide clicker in my hand. But it is an enhancement, having a "slide show", because it makes the whole thing more visually interesting. This is one of my favorite shows - I prefer the ones Mr Dearling and I do together, but it doesn't take much for me to play dress-up and get up to talk. I can hardly wait until we've worked up our program where I can wear this dress and he can wear his 1857 suit. I think we're going to try to write a program about Madison just before and during the early Civil War - something like "Civilians on the Home Front, 1860".

All in all, I'd have to say these are nice times, this season - this year - is winding up rather nicely. Great winter....and we're coming up on the Inauguration. How's that go?

Happy Days?


Joy said...

Love the idea of that beautiful gown and the clicker - wish I could hear/see your program. Merry Christmas!

CTJen said...

What a positively lovely picture of you in front of a gorgeous holiday tree! I'm assuming it's a hoop skirt you're wearing. Would it be impolite to ask if a corset is part of your 19th century garb?

slimsdotter said...

Very nice box-elder bug! I'm so glad they don't eat yarn. Come to think of it... do they eat at all?

Anonymous said...

Much snow here, too. Your Mr. Dearling may be related to my Smokey Bear and #1 son -- they have a difficult time giving up their shorts, too, when winter comes. Crazy antifreeze-for-blood guys. I want your Deerslayer; a car that runs forever -- or even JUST 260,000 miles -- is priceless.

What kind of toys does one give to a box elder bug named Ralph? or to ANY box elder bug? Have you knitted him socks or mittens yet? I bet it is chilly down on his floor.

Alwen said...

We were underneath a cloud of lake-effect snow all day yesterday. The power stayed on and we made bread (me) and piernik (DH - Polish honey-cake).

This morning it was waffles and meringues with the leftover egg whites from the piernik.

I love snow, too, but I know it won't be that much fun trying to get to work tonight in it.

Anne said...

Gorgeous gown! I love the lacy shawl/collar you're wearing. That is one ugly bug.

Hyacinth said...

Dear Dale Harriet, Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukah to you and Mr. Dearling and Evangeline and Lilliane and the rest of your family. Hope you have a most wonderful holiday season :)

janna said...

I love the idea of a 19th century lady with a powerpoint slide show! And I'm glad you like the snow, because I'm already tired of it. Actually, what I'm tired of is the shoveling out, and the icy sidewalks on the way to the bus stop, and other such inconveniences. I guess if I didn't have to go out in it, I would like it just fine! ;-)

Yarnhog said...

You lost me at "pet". Ick.