Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a little cool --

OK, this is NOT a recent picture. No, the truth is, as I write I understand it's about -19f. Nineteen degrees below zero. Some years ago a wicked, evil malingerer invented something called "Wind Chill". What that means is, if you're standing outside, naked, and it's really cold out - and there's a breeze, then no matter the temperature, it feels as though it were colder.

(Of course, if you're standing outside naked, no matter where you are, I suspect the wind is not going to be your worst problem.) But it just sounds so dramatic to use that figure, and of course you WHISPER "wind chill", so when someone says "How cold is it there?" you can reply "Well, actually, it's forty-five degrees below zero wind chill." Much more dramatic, you must agree.

But I thought a nice warm view of apple blossoms might cheer up those of you reading from other parts of the country. For OUR part, when it's this cold we Wisconsinites begin to acknowledge the temperature. We might say: "Gee, it's getting cooler!" or "Hmmm, if the mercury drops a few more degrees we may have to get out our winter coats!" Or...."Oh good, seems like all my handknit stuff will get some wear after all!"

Speaking of which - no pictures yet, but I've finished the stripey pink-and-black cap for Dawn, so I'll get a picture of it with the mittens, a nice little set.

And NEWS FLASH! I think my knittin' mojo is back; for some reason I remembered this and decided I really wanted to try one. It looked a) practical in this weather; b) interesting to knit; c) NOTHING like a Dr Who I got out some very pretty variegated yarn found in the bottom of a knitting basket in the den and cast on.

And knit one. Like, in an afternoon, start to finish. It buttons at the back of the neck and I literally sewed on a button and wore it just THAT quick. Talk about a satisfying project! In fact, I loved making it so much that I whipped up another one today, in Dawn's hot-pink acrylic, and I'll give it to her with the striped cap and matching mittens as a sort of extra. I believe I'll whomp me up a couple more, too - I'm remembering all kinds of delicious little morsels of yarn lurking in various stash bins. I'm NOT a fast knitter, so this was quite the treat. I'll do a very knitterly post with all kinds of pictures of FO and WIP and so on.

And now - a reference to a blog I read regularly, just because I think it's such fun. (Now - the truth is, see the blogs I have on my sidebar list? I read those every day, and truth to tell, I read them - and a few others - daily after looking at Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger; I'm not putting a link to those but you can find them on autopilot I'm sure. (As a real English Snob the latter gave me a start - but believe it or not I've come to actually ENJOY "lolcat-speak"....what would my journalist Dad have to say?)

Anyway, the blog I'm mentioning here is The Pioneer Woman 's blog. This isn't an advert or anything, but I just really enjoy Ree's posts, and she isn't even a knitter! What she is is very funny, a sophisticated "urbanite" who gave up an elegant high-fashion life in (I think) Los Angeles and became a ranch wife on a (I think) Kansas cattle ranch with real cowboys. No worries that she'll read this - so let's just go ahead and say "Kansas".

Hers is a very professional-type blog, in sections: "Confessions" (the plain ol' blog part, always illustrated with brilliant photos); "Cooking", in which she puts incredible recipes with LITERAL minute-by-minute photos of each step (BRILLIANT) and then a section on "Photography" at which she excels and shares info for people who know that an f-stop isn't one of the holes on a soprano recorder - and "Homeschooling", which she does with her own "punks" and lists all manner of rescources, ideas, &c.

Even if all you do is look at the pictures you'll be uplifted. I've tried a couple of her recipes (to rave reviews) and admired her four beautiful children ("the punks"). She has a lot of photo resources, like wild mustangs in her front yard, very attractive folks around her and a real knack with the old camera.

Yep, I'm suggesting you wander over for a (very pleasurable) wander around, even though apparently she is NOT a knitter. (No surprise, I have no idea how she accomplishes everything she DOES in a day!) If nothing else, check out the recent pictures of her basset hound, Charlie. Side-splitting. The whole thing is just good, old-fashioned ENTERTAINMENT.

And now, being as it's 2:00 am, I'm going to weave in the ends of the pink "Calorimetry" and sew a button on so it'll be ready for a photo shoot tomorrow.....and then I'm creeping in under the sheet, two blankets, feather tick and two cats. You've heard of "Three Dog Nights"? Well, "Two Cat Nights" are even colder. But when I'm all snorgled down in deep under all the layers it's all I can do to not downright SQUEAL in delight.
And so, for night and until the morrow -- Good Night!


Lisa said...

I hope you had a lovely night snorgled up with the moggies!

I'm glad to know that other countries like to dramatize their weather.

In England, (where, frankly, we don't really have dramatic weather) we like to switch between temperature scales. So, when it's cold we use Celsius so that we can talk about it being below zero, and when it's hot we use Fahrenheit so that we can use high numbers like "eighty degrees".

Mostly we lurk somewhere about the middle with drizzle, but it gives us something to talk about - and the world knows how the English talk about nothing but the weather.

A fact which I have just proved in this comment!

M.X. said...

Good one D-H!

Hyacinth said...

Oh, that delightful phrase "wind chill"...brings memories of the years I spent in Madison, walking to class (up Bascom Hill usually) in -50 degrees wind chill and thinking that I would never feel warm again. As much as I loved living in Madison, I sure don't miss the wind chill :)

kmkat said...

Yep, it's two-cat -- and two-dog, at our house -- weather all right. My head stays nice and warm with Hannibal draped over it.

I love The Pioneer Woman and also marvel at how much she seems to accomplish in a day. Whew. For the record, she lives in Oklahoma -- there was some teeny reference last year to being in that state.

Alwen said...

I was just saying how toasty Lake Michigan keeps us here, compared to you chilly states upwind: 14 F! See, balmy!

cheesehead with sticks said...

I would very much second that suggestion of visiting PW's site :) Love her!