Sunday, May 23, 2010

Delicious Anticipation

This looks to me like it's going to be a white peony blossom. A big one. And there are a LOT of buds on the single plant. I planted two peonies years ago, one for me, one for my Lovely Daughter. I think mine fizzled and hers throve. Year by year it differs in height, number of blooms and so on. I always put a wire cage around it, as it gets pretty tall, and this is a bumper year. It's literally as tall as I am (I hear that snickering in the back, neveryoumind) and has many fat rich buds.

I like using terms like "grotto" and "grove" in my stories, and I have a pretty good image of what I mean -- and this is pretty close to the mark. I can't always spend much time in my own little grotto (when the State Bird makes its appearance one needs netting and gear, hard to read through) but this year I'm going to put some seating around my little firebowl and if necessary hang a citronella candle from my shepherd hook. You can SORT of see it, on the right, if you "biggify".

But that's not all I'm anticipating. No, I prowled around at the back and I've discovered that there's quite the thicket of what discovered to be black raspberries. You might remember my query from last year, which several wise folks identified....and I brought a few of the ripe berries inside to examine. Mr Dearling promptly popped some into his mouth and declared them very "mmmmmmmm"; he is still Among the Living so they were determined to be what I thought. I didn't get a great many last year, but there are a LOT of these this year:

In truth, there are a LOT more canes, and all of them (including some small short ones) are loaded with these little clusters of Future Noms. Some of them, behind the garage, are going to take protective gear and thick gloves to get to, but I mean to do it. I'm sure there are about a gazillion lovely recipes for black raspberries around - my plan, what I'm anticipating, is buying some genuine cream and splashing it over them. There are things about which I'm a purist.

Further Anticipation: I am waiting for the Lovely Daughter, and we're heading out to the WORT Block Party. That's our indie community radio station, and one of the only two radio stations I listen to regularly (the other is the public radio). The block party is always raucous, fun, crowded - and my Favorite Food Cart will be there. I've been jonesin' for a bowl of Black Bean Chili these many days, and today is the day. So I'm off to fill that particular anticipation and will resume upon my return.

NOTE: it's a finorkin' 120 degrees outside (ok, so I exaggerate)!
NOTE: just exactly what DOES "jonesin'" mean, and where did it come from?

OK! So it's the next day (truth in advertising). Here's the front door of our super-cool radio station. It's called "Back Porch Radio", and it's listener-sponsored. Most of the DJs are volunteers and it's eclectic to say the least. On Sunday morning they have a program of medieval music that is perfect for tea-and-newspaper time; there's a show hosted by Bill Malone, our local bluegrass &c expert; there are shows in Spanish and shows in Chinese. I love WORT -- DISCLAIMER: (and this is NOT a plug, just a fact).

But only guess what? It was HOT! Perfect weather for a block party, but NOT good weather for the black-bean chili. No way, Jose'.

So Lovely Daughter and I made a beeline for the Santa Fe trailer and had -- their home-made, fresh icy-cold, fresh gazpacho! And it did the trick, hit the mark, filled the void, &c &c. In honor of the occasion (anything would do) we also shared an order of Chips and Guacamole - better of which you can't hardly find nowhere. I'm lucky in having raised my daughter to be pretty much immune to embarrassment where her Maternal Unit is concerned, because I shamelessly wiped every last molecule of guacamole out of the container with my index finger. (I also raised a lady - she offered to get me a spoon. I declined.)

I took a picture of it. I really-o, truly-o did. But I ate it.

So last night was the first truly hot night of the season, and it is a little early. So when I got home, I turned on the fan (which Mr Dearling, who also ANTICIPATES, had brought up), pointed it at the sofa, and stretched out for a wee nap. I've said it before, I'll say it again - now: when they make Napping an Olympic event I am SO bringing home the Gold for America.

THIS HOT! Stretch-out-long cat hot. It's like my mother always said (and you've heard it before): "When it's hot out, arrange your limbs so they're not touching." It works.

And as I'm writing this Monday I can report that it's very hot today too, and I have turned on the "cool" in my writing room. I had it on for about 45 minutes; I've turned it off because I'm about to climb into my air-conditioned car and run a few errands: drop off a S***load of magazines in the Trade Bin at the air-conditioned library, drive through the bank (so I can stay in my air-conditioned car). Then I think I'm going to stop at (air-conditioned) Joann Fabrics. I need a thimble, I can't find any of my utilitarian ones. And shopping for thimbles is almost as bad as shopping for underpants. They think grown-ups have bigger fingers, and little children only use thimbles for fun or show or poking their brothers or wossname.

I can see that the heat is making me cranky, so I'll stop here....but with a close-up of Mistress Evangeline in the Heat.

'Nother DISCLAIMER: the light behind her is our ever-burning lamp. It's a very non-bright compact-fluorescent, therefore puts out no additional heat. I are green.


Anonymous said...

1. I use that same method to get the last molecule of guac. Never did it in public, though...
B. Smokey and I would both qualify for the Olympic napping team. He can fall asleep in roughly 1.5 seconds. He has fallen asleep in the middle of a sentence more than once.
iii. My car's a/c does not work. Pity me.

CTJen said...

It was gloomy here today so i did not venture out. I also heard it was muggy. I don't do muggy. LOL

Jamwes said...

You Joshing me about Jonesing over using the John down by the Dale?

dale-harriet said...

Dear James,


Joan said...

I love peonies. Cold here in CA. Winter has returned.

Alwen said...

You know it's hot when the weather forecast talks about the cold front that's coming, and it's only going to bring the temperatures down to the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Oh, THERE you are! I've missed you, and you've missed quite a lot. I'm so glad to see you're back in blogging world.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I'm heartened... another "good to the last guac"er! Food of the gods.

From what I understand, the term "jonesing" originally referred to intense cravings for a drug fix (with heroin being "jones"). It seems to have morphed into a term simply meaning intense craving. Personally, I jones for naps! ;-)

I remember freaking out when I encountered peonies for the first time in the garden of my new home. Swarming with ants! And my relief discovering that those ants were all part of the "circle of life," eating the waxy coating so the blooms could spring forth!

MollyBeees said...

Two most excellent posts in under 6 months. Swoon...THUD! :-)

Jamwes said...

was just showing how I love it when names are used as words or vise versa.