Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hurrying, Scurrying - and Delight!

Today is the happy wedding day of my #1 son and his dear bride. I am only using this photograph (circa 1908) because I do not have a picture of my beloved Daughter-in-Love in her wedding gown - yet. Suffice it to say that she's much sweeter of face than this austere young woman!

But I do have a ton of things to do (as you might imagine). Not only will I be a proud witness to this union, but I am officiating - (yes, I can, legally; I have a certificate from the State....) Being allowed to participate in this joy pleases me so much!

Now - we're spared a lot of the anxiety of many families on their children's wedding days, as this dear girl and my son have been united in heart for ten years, and have two of the funniest, brightest (and dare I say HANDSOMEST) lads you could ever hope to meet. Much as I would love to take full credit for their extraordinary brains, amazing personalities, cleverness and good looks - well, their mom contributed heavily too. (I won't go all verklempt on you here about bloodlines Willie's bloodlines and their heritage and ancestry &c &c - probably until tomorrow.)

So I'm off to rush around, as I am wont to do, but suffice it to say that I feel wrapped in such warm affection and happiness that I can hardly stand it - and a full report will follow. With pictures.

OBSERVATION: It is said that things truly precious are worth waiting for; I think it can now be said that I have, at this stage of my life, two sons and three daughters into whose hands I pass the legacy of my family, with pride.


MollyBeees said...

Three? THREE? I think you forgot Mary!

dale-harriet said...

Forgot my LOVELY DAUGHTER? Ah, but NO! Along with her I have Mrs. Number One Son and Mrs. Number Two my reckoning, that makes three daughters (but please check the math and get back to me, as I'm NOTORIOUSLY bad at any kind of maths!)

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Huge smile! I hope the day was much too awesome to do justice to in blogging (poor grammer, but you get the drift!). Congratulations to all!

kmkat said...

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Jane said...

Congratulations! Hope the day is wonderful for everyone.