Thursday, July 8, 2010

And We're Off!

I'll be away for a few days - it's time for the Grand Encampment! This is one of the larger historical reenactments specific to "our time period"; i.e., roughly the mid-18th century -- in this case, a reenactment of the French & Indian War near Detroit. (That's pronounced something like "Day-Twahn" by us les francais. As I've been saying for weeks, with great relish: "If we prepared to having to speak English from now on!" (Insert great hilarity and laughter here. Thank you.)

So I'll be tucked into my cozy lodge (notice knitting baskets). On this particular occasion, I will be dressing as a French-Canadian woman for at least part of the time, so I can knit. (I will otherwise be dressed as an Ojibway or Metis woman, at which time I canNOT knit.) However, I have multiple other diversions available, including visiting with my dear friend Jen (albeit she will be in the British camp, so I may have to pretend to be sympathetic to the British forces).

I am, in this instance, NOT, however. I (or at least the men of my people including my voyageur husband) are allied most firmly with the above-mentioned francais.

THEREFORE! This is the level of technology which will be available to me for the duration. Notice that there are no outlets in evidence, no power cords, no plugs. You will see a goodly supply of fuel (my husband always makes sure there is plenty of hewn firewood) and a proof of my great prosperity (the result of being involved in the Fur Trade) - I have a lovely brass kettle!

But it'll be 400 years (give or take, I'm dreadful at doing the maths) before anyone thinks of innerwebs or netbooks or iPods or I will report back upon our return to the 21st century. I wish a nice (not overly hot, not dreadfully humid, not pouringly-rainy) weekend to one and all, ourselves included.

NOTE: these pictures were from a foray to Grand Portage, MN in 2007; there is a certain sameness to the appearance of our camp, regardless of its geographic position.


CTJen said...

ooh la la! your encampment is so period looking! Have a great time being unplugged and analog. I would love to see a photo of you in your Ojibway garb. :-)

lady Estelle said...

I would have loved to be there with you. I would be totally at home.
What a treat.
Lot's of photograph, for they would not have have digital.

Marjorie said...

She eez wealthy, zis wooman, for her tent is snowy white and she has one brass kettle displayed most conspicuously in front of eet.

Anonymous said...

Our recent campsites bore very little resemblance to yours -- we had electricity right there and running water nearby. And a motel for when we wimped out :)

MollyBeees said...

Be safe and have fun. I hope you win. I KNOW Fringlish!

Karen said...

Well, I wish I had read this BEFORE the GE5. I would have caught the wagon down to the French camp. (I stayed up in the British camp except when shooting at your fellows with our swivel guns.) I hope you had fun, even if it was a bit warm.