Friday, May 11, 2007

Another step in....

Well, it's certain. My name is Dale-Harriet, and I am a Yarn Snob. Now, this makes sense for one who is an artistic, clever, creative, skillful, acomplished (and from where I sit, cute) knitter. I am none of those. Ok, ok, the Husband says I'm cute, but he's biased. A lot.

In fact, I didn't even realize I was a Yarn Snob. Here's how the Truth came to me: I started making squares for the Virginia Tech project (Hokie Healing); the first, maroon ones, are Lamb's Pride Bulky from my stash. They're nice. But I didn't think I had anything that I could describe as "burnt orange" or gold - and then I remembered having started a Harry Potter scarf ages ago. I knew there were at least two skeins, in the wickerthing, repository of oddments. I dug it out and started a square. It's Red Heart worsted.

I started a square in a cool pattern, K1P1 on one side, plain knitting on the other side. It felt...weird. I kept going. More weird. Got about three inches (by 8 - the squares are 8x8). And friends? I threw it away! Oh no, not the whole skein, just what I'd knitted. Note to self: the Museum can use all that yarn - may as well include the maroon - for craft projects. Quick trip to a LYS for some Cascade 220 in gold, and I've started another square. I'm a Yarn Snob.

Now, on account of 'cause this is me, let me say that I think there is a purpose for the RedHeart acrylic worsted. It comes in mighty-fine colors, is readily accessible, economical, washable.... but for my projects, (and believe me when I say "nothing fancy",) it's wool or cotton for me. Heck, I've even boldly changed to Mission Falls cotton for my warshrags. Eh - Homespun doesn't count, I am LOVING that stuff, I started a whole big Fashionista Movement with Homespun granny shawls. Maybe it's the exception....

Ah, confession IS good for the soul. Now then. I've decided to finish up my works-in-progress before I start something else. Last count it was two dishcloths, a sock, a shawl and as many squares as possible. They're a nice in-between. Tomorrow my Lovely Daughter is coming over to watch movies and knit, the forecast is for "Nice", the Husband's going to an archaelogy program of some sort, so we can have a Girlies' Stitch-and-....Chat. (She's my daughter, after all, I have to watch my language). Oh, and I mean to try to learn things to spiff up the old blogaroo, like how DO you get pictures in here. And why can't I read a book with each eye? While knitting?

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