Friday, May 11, 2007

Toe in the Water!

I'm addicted. To blogs. "Blog" - that is not a word that was in my - I'd like to think extensive - vocabulary, "when I was a girl". I expect I'll be writing about cats (Evangeline and Lilliane, my Pampered Daughters of Bast); about sticks (I'm a "process-knitter", only fair but enthusiastic); and about books, my most serious addiction. Next to knitting. And cats.

How do I feel about this, and about the Internet? Well, I like to say that I'm young enough to really embrace and enjoy this whole computer thing - and old enough to be completely undone by it. The fact that it removes two major obstacles between citizens of the global village (time and distance) dazzles me. I've had real-time "conversations" with a fellow in Australia. Freaky, because to me, he was in tomorrow; to him, I was in yesterday. Think about it.

OK - it's anyone's guess how this will go or where, but after enjoying other blogs that I read SO much, I figure I want to give it a shot. Suggestions, comments, assistance welcomed. Who would have thought I would ever have any such of a thing?

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