Saturday, July 21, 2007

Do Not Disturb - Until Later!

Resolution: keep up better with the blog. That being said...I'm working through the tutorial on my Photobucket program; I'm an old dawg, these are some mighty new tricks, but I'm determined.

My copy of Harry Potter just came, and I'm about to crawl inside; I will emerge to write again either a) when I've finished it, or b) when I come up for air. Incidentally, do NOT look here for any commentary. I mean to keep my thoughts about it to myself until such time as local friends and relatives have all read it. I *will* say that the "Spoilers"....those folks who, on line or in newspapers or radio/TV commentaries made references ahead of time -- those folks are like our cherished Ms. Rowling's Death Eaters. They're of that weird, mean-spirited sort who really do take pleasure in sucking the joy out of others' lives. You won't find references, clues or even opinions here.

Also (I figured this out, but thanks to Mrs. SABLE for explaining it, too): I realize that if I hold this copy and return to it later, it'll appear according to date even if I write other things after this. Now case I need it, where DID I put that bookmark? (Deep breath, hold nose, dive in headfirst!)


Kristin said...

Fairly certain you will not be needing your bookmark. Enjoy the read.
I got a nasty spoiler virus, I was really cross about it.

dale-harriet said...

Oh Kristin, that's DREADFUL! talk about adding insult to injury...that's why I didn't even turn Daisy on. (Whew!)