Saturday, September 15, 2007

Illustrations of Being Away

"Bird Woman" - Sacajawea, as interpreted in bronze at the Leanin' Tree Museum, and little Pomp sleeping happily in his cradleboard on her back. I've always loved her story - did you know that, when the Lewis & Clark party got to the lands of the Shoshone she stepped into the lodge of the headman to translate...only to discover that the headman was her beloved brother, whom she hadn't seen for years? Or that her son was educated in Europe and spent many years as the darling of foreign courts? It's said that, at the end, he returned to his mother's people and is buried among them.

Next we have the "this is not Wisconsin" mountains, which are silencing in their majesty. I can see Mr Dearling's passion, especially as he's been a climber; I imagine hanging there, pressed with the whole of one's body against the rocks, could create such a passion. Being more of a Taproot Person myself I feel that way about the forests - and home - but I understand that part of him.

I couldn't resist this: we stopped one morning at the Golden Arches for breakfast, which we .... well, we just don't. Ordinarily, even while travelling, we don't stop at a squat-and-gobble until lunch time, as my morning cuppa suffices for me; we're not big breakfasters anyway as a rule. (And yes, I know all the stuff about it being the Most Important Meal. Shut up.)I have to admit, though, that warm, sticky, sweet sort of cinnamon-bun-y thing was tasty, I was glad they provided a fork (you'd need a bath after digging into that mano a mano) and you can see that I began my first concession to autumn, the annual reading of "Harvest Home". It's not like there aren't enough books to never repeat a read, but that just sets me up. I may have mentioned before: there IS a movie made from this. Do. NOT. Watch. It. Or...don't watch it if you a) have ever read the book; or b) never will read the book. It has to do with Bette Davis, a sterling actor if ever there was one, being cast dead wrong to play the Widow Fortune. Think Jack Nicholson playing Harry Potter. Or don't - but you get the picture.

I did NOT finish the baby wrap, in spite of knitting all the way home; I also did not finish the toque, likewise. But both are near completion and will be sent off together before too long. I take the toque along if I'm going to need to watch or pay attention to wherever I am, as I'm still in the "no-need-to-watch" stage (plain old straight knitting on the circulars, if that makes sense) and I am in the end stage of the wrap. I'll photograph both before they go......and now I can "return to your regular programming" and carry on with the Daily Doings at Chez Moi.

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kmkat said...

Harvest Home; now that is a scary book. I remember when I first read Stephen King thinking He's okay but he doesn't write horror as well or as subtly as Thomas Tryon. Who knows what TT might have written if he had lived longer?