Saturday, September 1, 2007

Travelling, Day One!

So we're TRAVELLNG! I'm actually writing from our motel room in Ogalalla, Nebraska (I love to say that; it's a tribal group of the Lakota nation). The picture is earnest. No no...I mean, it's EARNEST. That's the dog's name. (Look at that face, could it be anything else?) We're using the Subaru, which is "my" car at home (although I adore our Toyota, but that's another story), and Earnest sits on the dashboard and nods wisely when I cuss out other drivers, and holds onto parking-ramp tickets for me, and shrugs innocently when I say "Oh great, are we lost?"

I did, as usual, stay up all night packing the night before we left, so I lost Many Valuable Hours of knitting time sleepingin the car. NOTE: I'm actually writing in the morning of Day 2, details of which will follow when it's been accomplished. So we drove all day, stopping only for gas/bif breaks, a nosh at Wendy's about 3:00, and then last night we enjoyed a wander through Wal-Mart in North Platte. Mr. Dearling wanted an eyecover because he forgot his (near as we can tell, that's the only thing forgotten!) I found a beaded eyeglass chain, which is prettier than my usual, and we got a couple of other things.

Had one amazing experience, though: I have decided I like wearing little kerchiefs on my head to keep the wispies out of my eyes. They have neat calicoes at W'Mart, so we went and I found six pretty ones,and on sale. We took them over to the cutting table to buy one yard of each, the idea being that I could cut 36" squares, the right size to use. Mr. Dearling asked the clerk if she would please, after cutting off our yard, square them and make one more cut so I'd have the squares right away; of course we were buying the whole piece.

She said NO! She flat refused to make one more cut on fabric we'd bought, one little scissors action. REFUSED! And may I say, had a smug and sassy face on when she said it. I was all for just walking away at that point; as it was, I gathered up three of the bolts and put them back; she cut the goods from the other three and we walked away. I was FURIOUS. I mean........ {fanning myself} OK, think peaceful thoughts. Let it go. But if she drops a bowl of raw eggs on the floor and then her toilet overflows, don't look to me.

Well, the rest of the day was fine. We found and checked in here, and I'm glad to say we're staying at Super 8s the next two nights too, in Westminster, CO (near the site of our wedding doings, &c). I LIKE THIS! The room is very nicely appointed, there's a cunning little one-cup coffee pot with a disposable "basket", which worked brilliantly when I simply replaced the instant coffee packet with my Double Bergamot Earl Grey, and as you can guess by my being *here*, the wireless works terrifically. it SAYS it's a low signal, but it's certainly strong enough.

But it's time for me to pack up, we have a few miles to go today (3 hours' worth or so) and I'm well-rested and have some Power Knitting to do. Today is the barbecue at the Happy Couple's house and Mr. Dearling will get to see his cousin (a terrific guy) whom we haven't seen since, maybe, my dear in-laws' (of blessed memory) 50th wedding anniversary. I'll write again tonight!

Blushing admission: as much as I love our forays into the 18th century, and primitive camping, cooking over my fire, &c---I'm enjoying this modern stuff and motel and hot shower and indoor plumbing and tea....and wireless access. Just sayin'.


Jane said...

Some people will never understand that it takes just as much energy to be nice as to be nasty. Have a great trip.

Elizabeth said...

Do you suppose it's some stupid Walmart policy? Or that they treat their employees so poorly, the employees take it out on the customers? Whatever, that seems nasty to me.

Glad the trip is going well otherwise. Nothing like 21st century comforts when you've recently experienced 18th century life.

Diane said...

That's just nuts! Only a walmart clerk would have the nerve to give you such a hard time.

Anna-Liza said...

Oh, darn! I missed your post until after you left Westminster! (I think, anyway). I wish I'd known, I live in Longmont and could have come to meet you somewhere ... of course, depending on whether you wanted to or not. Darn!

dale-harriet said...

Oh, Anna-Liza! I was without access for a couple of days so missed your note! Tomorrow (Thursday) I'll be on my own, pretty much, in Estes Park while Mr Dearling hikes....I wish I'd known too! I DO have innernet through Friday morning; I think we're leaving the area Friday....