Saturday, May 10, 2008

Can you say....

DISORGANIZED? Could you guess that about me? OK, here's the deal. I'm writing this on Saturday morning (and yes, it really IS May was pointed out that I haven't always posted on the date my piece was written -- I'm learning here, peoples). I'm going to post a Genuine, Proper Blog Entry later today. I have Copious Notes for it. I'm also making a Resolution, also described in the Proper one. My apology for all of this is aimed primarily at myself: I'm giving myself permission to take a deep breath and start over; my intention of writing every day would seem to have been a trifle unrealistic. (Still, holding to that as a goal may prove advantageous.) Some days, face it - nothing happens. Nada. Zilch. And not even *I* am interested in reading about that! Then there'll be a spate of days where so MUCH happens that I seem to not have time to write. I believe this is what qualifies as "an embarrassment of riches". (Never could quite grasp that - it'd have to be SOME riches before I was embarrassed by it, but that's another deal.)


This is a Major Weekend, I mean MAJOR, so tonight's post will be worth reading. I still haven't learned the managing of pictures here to my satisfaction (thanks for not complaining). That'll be included in the Resolution.

Now I'm off to sort and wash clothes and pack and unpack and pack, as we're leaving at oh-dark-hunnert tomorrow morning for Saratoga Springs, NY. (YES I'm taking *Daisy, there WILL be blogging-on-the-road!) As I may have mentioned, my Packing for a Trip goes something like this:

Select books, DVDs, CDs and tapes to take along; find tote bag for same.
Select yarns, needles and patterns; find small basket for jaunts, larger basket for use in car, and decide whether or not to take the Rolling Yarnassus.
Select books on writing, notebooks, 4x6 cards, pens, pencils and Post-its; find another totebag for same.
Change mind about yarn and replace.
Change books to read, add a book on tape.
Swap out CDs (this feels like a Cajun trip, not a Celtic trip).
Nooo....maybe its a Phil Ochs sort of junket.
No. I'll make the final decision on music later.
Do I really WANT to read all three Terry Pratchett's this trip? Or should I take one of the novels about Mary Todd Lincoln?
Where's my pet pencil? (STOP LAUGHING, this is serious, people!)
If I put my completed stories AND the stories-in-progress on a flash drive, I won't have to take the little floppy disks at all.
Uhm...excuse me for pointing out the obvious, Dale-Harriet....the floppy disks don't work on Daisy. 'member?
Wait a minute - let's rethink that yarn. And - didn't I decide to move that blankie back on to straight needles? Well if THAT's the case...

OK. STOP RIGHT NOW! As you can see, this packing stuff is difficult. But if I don't at least start, I won't get very far. (Yes, I know that's clearly obvious to everyone in the world over the age of nine. Nevermind.)

Oh yeah - I'd best throw in a couple of dresses...some underwear...yeah.

*DAISY: Daisy is my laptop. I name stuff. Nevermind.


yarndork said...

Don't forget the snacks! I always pack snacks!

Elizabeth said...

The good thing about having a personal uniform is that clothing is never the complicated part of packing!

Have a great trip.

kmkat said...

I need to think about adopting a personal uniform. Jeans and a t-shirt do not a uniform make.

I chuckled all the way through your post. Aside from the personal uniform and the writing parts, my packing is just like yours -- first the yarn and the books, then, if there is still space, some clothes. Have a great trip!

Alwen said...

And I love it that you led with a vaaaaahs of dandelions!