Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day of Days....

Spring IS coming....eventually!

You know how there are days when the stars line up and everything that happens that day moves to make you the happiest you could possibly be? And you know how sometimes you don't even know that you've had that day, until weeks...or months....or even YEARS later? Well, I'm here to tell you about one of my days like that.

When The Day that I'm referring to happened, I wasn't aware of it. It's likely there was still snow on the ground, and I'm thinking that I was occupied cutting out green shamrocks and that sort of thing. I expect it was a very ordinary day, and at no time during it was I aware of the life-changing events which would shape my future.

Of course, as I was only four years old I imagine that the day included playing outside in the snow, a lunch of buttered macaroni shells and drawing on paper. That might also have been one of the many days I took a book out of Daddy's bookcase and sprawled on the floor staring at the pages (I was convinced that if I did that long enough I'd just start reading).

The truth is, the Major Event was happening around 1,200 miles away. A very pretty girl (born in Niagara Falls of Italian parents) was lying in a hospital, having just given birth to her first child. It was a boy.

As was their custom, they gave him a saint's name. I think it's perfectly fair to say that it was a pretty important day for him, too, but I venture that he was no more aware of it than I was .

We grew up pretty far apart - geographically, ethnically, basically every which-way. But he grew up WELL, nourished and nurtured by a close and loving family with their feet on the ground and a whole lot of sensible. He eventually had a sister, who loves him today -- and I've heard some of the stories of her experiences at the hands of her big brother. And in time, along came another sister. He insists he didn't torment her nearly as much (but I'm betting she still doesn't like being chased around by someone flipping a slice of American cheese at her (don't ask). She loves him today, too.

Tell me this isn't a fine-looking lad, shown with his Grandpa. He was very well-behaved, and says today that if he acted up, his father was well-equipped with successful deterrents.

He was always serious about his studies, and was also gifted with a keen perception of handling money. In high school he was on the track team and performed very well (you should hear the stories about his coach; they don't make 'em like that anymore). (Now there are laws....but I'm not sure they're very worthwhile.)

So anyway, in his college years his sense of frugality paid off and he was able to take a trip to Europe, where, among other experiences, he bought a Masi bicycle (I'll wait while all those in the know gasp in admiration) -- from Old Man Masi himself (I'll wait while the envy subsides and eye-wiping is accomplished).

Fast-forward through some raucous years as a Manager at Eastern Mountain Sports, an advanced and varied education and so on......

He became a very serious scholar and upright man...

shown here displaying the finest of down sleeping bags from EMS, guaranteed to keep you warm in subzero weather. VERY serious.

Which brings us to the next day of life-changing events for me. It was the day on which I, as Baroness in the SCA, had a little potluck at my house, and this boy, grown to manhood and moved by circumstances to Madison, came over, wearing handsome Viking garb (of his own construction, might I add) and we fell into conversation.

I'm sure y'all can see where this is going. The boy that was born in that New York hospital 62 years ago today was moved by experiences, fate, and (from MY perspective) the golden hand of the Creator to fall into conversation with me; the conversation became friendship, which then deepened. And all of this boils down to a clear example of possibly the best possible luck (if you will) to ever befall a girl born 66 years, one month and two days earlier in North Dakota.

There is only one more thing to say:

Happy Birthday,

Mr Dearling!

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kmkat said...

This is wonderful. Engaging, endearing (endearling?), and full of love. Happy birthday, Mr. D! May the years bring you both many, many more.

Hyacinth said...

What a lovely post! Happy Birthday Mr. Dearling :)

CTJen said...

Hooray! Happy birthday to Mr. Dearling! Make sure you give that ol' Viking a great big smooch from everyone on the blog.

Also, DH, of COURSE you fell in love with a married a Viking re-enactor. It's because that's what I very nearly did and we are CLEARLY long lost sisters! (You and your guy followed through. My Viking and I didn't work out and I ended up married to a Scot instead.) ;-)

C'mon Cori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Dearling. I hope one day I inspire such sweet sentiments.

Elizabeth said...

As they say on Ravelry:
love (1000)

Happiest of happy birthdays to Mr. Dearling!

Alwen said...

Happy birthday! My own DH's was one week ago!