Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wowser Wednesday!

I've been thinking about redoing the kitchen, and I think I'll replace the counters with this marble, whaddya think? Isn't it beautiful? I know good marble can be expensive, but gee, isn't the kitchen the heart of the home? (, no, that's HEARTH of the home, and actually it isn't anymore because nowadays everyone has stoves. Well, you know what I mean.

FOOLED YOU! This isn't marble! (I'm sure you believed I'd be putting marble counters in my kitchen....that is SO not where I am!) Anyway, "what is it then, Dale-Harriet?" It's Lake Monona! It's the thinning ice on the lake, as seen last week when we were on the Terrace. But oh, it is beautiful. Here's another dramatic shot:

I call this "The Crack of Spring". While it isn't an actual fissure, this is one of the signs that clearly say "No more ice fishing, lads!" I saw these often when I worked on campus, as we had windows overlooking the other lake, Mendota, and we saw these every year. If you happen to be outdoors when these happen you can hear them, because there's a very loud report like a shotgun.

In the fall, when the days begin to grow chill, there's a day when the entire lake looks like it's boiling and heavy mist rises from it; that's dramatic too. I think one thing I love about Madison is the lakes - Minneapolis has lakes too, so I grew up with them, and I think I've referred to my spiritual connection with Lake Superior. I understand those who live near the oceans and are so connected.....around here we're pulled by the Inland Seas and our little lakes.

OK - now then. IT CAME!! We have an item in our teaching collection at the Museum that I much admire, and to my delight I found a place where I could order a new one of my very own! The site which has them is Tasha Tudor's family's website , which has a modest (but wonderful) shop. Want to see??

Is this not stunning? Can you guess what it is? (I hear your collective groan; everyone knows what it is - but the 4th graders at the Museum haven't a clue.) It's a Potato Masher. We tried it out and I have to say that from MY viewpoint it works MUCH better - yes, you heard me right, much BETTER - than any of those wire-squiggle models or the flat-disc-with-holes models. Now ... I have pictures of it in use. As is our wont, Mr Dearling and I boiled us up a mess o' 'tatoes and put it to the test. But that'll have to wait because I have to go to the Museum.......

...because when we're finished, Mr Dearling is going to pack me and my knitting into the car and he's going to whisk me away to the LaCrosse Public Library (no time for links here) where they are celebrating their "Third Annual Knit-in-Public Day" --- and this evening to cap off the event, Franklin Habit of "Panopticon" fame (google it, again - no time to link) is going to be speaking and signing his fabulous book!!

So I'll report back later on I have to quickly grab some knitting to take along (OY)...oh, and I suppose I should get dressed. Watch this space!


Alwen said...

My husband would probably love it. We went to an auction and he got a genuine Austrian cabbage cutting board. I think he would sleep with it if the blades weren't so sharp!

CTJen said...

Have a grand time!

And I adore that potato masher. I might have to get one myself! :-)

kmkat said...

As a child of the northland, I knew that wasn't marble -- it was ice. Beautiful! One of my favorite parts of spring is when the ice had broken up into ice cube sized bits and is clinking against itself -- such a pretty, wind-chime sort of a sound.

Jamwes said...

Those are some awesome pictures of the late. For the record, I was not fooled on thinking it was marble. :P

PS: You going to join us for mini NaNo in April?