Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am un-toqued. I am Officially DONE. There will be packing up; there will be the printing of *included materials; there will be the Affixing of the Medals, the wrapping-in-tissue, the printing of addresses, followed by the Sealing of the Boxes - and the last three toques will be turned over to the Post Riders. One will be headed for Nova Scotia, two for Illinois.

*Included Materials: a copy of an article on Toques by Karl Koster, author of a number of monographs and articles about the Fur Trade; a sheet of washing instructions (!); an article about Ste Anne, patroness of les voyageurs; and a small Ste Anne's medal pinned to the toque with a replica of an 18th century straight pin.

I'll meetcha back here in a little while - I am SO going stash-diving, pattern-perusing, I am SO going to move back into my Rolling Yarn-y Knitty Thingie (which holds SEVERAL projects plus all toys and tools and extra yarn and patterns and assorted chazerai necessary to the game) (as opposed to my neat, efficient little one-project (read "toque") baskets.

I CAN tell you that the first thing I am going to do is resume that baby wrap, and its mate for the new sibling. Other than that -- picture me lying on my back on a sunny meadow, arms outspread, skirts gathered around me, GRINNING as I contemplate the future. Like I said, see ya back here in a while.


Kitty Mommy said...

Ooooo...have lots of fun non-toqueing and dreaming of non-toqueing!

yarndork said...

Can you hear that? It's me singing Handel's Messiah, the Halleluah Chorus for you. Better yet, why don't I just put on the CD? Whatever you do, do not go on Ravelry to peruse patterns. You will get sucked in and before you know it, there goes the spring.