Saturday, March 1, 2008

In Like a ...

Lamb! Oh...and Pig, of course. It's warm today (+20 degrees and not yet 10:00 am!) and by noon we won't even need jackets. Oh yeah, still need the knitted caps, mufflers, mitts - but no jackets. We're foolish hearty here in Wisconsin. ('Tis true, Friends - this time of year when it DOES get up to 50, we DO go out wearing sweaters, or perhaps a down vest; there comes upon us a serious hankering to dry-clean and pack away the heavy outerwear.)

Yesterday was, of course, Leap Year Day; I didn't post because I was very busy NOT celebrating my former anniversary. Husband #2 and I thought it would be kicky to get married that day; we were just going to the Courthouse anyway. We hippies didn't so much hold with Bureaucratic Recognition of what we were already diggin', dig? And the Husband said, laughingly, "Well, we'll no doubt have at least one anniversary." Oh prophetic one, we DID. We had ONE anniversary before...let us pretty much disintegrated. I do not rue the experience, I gained valuable knowledge during that four years and had my splendid Son #2. For eight years or so I was deliciously content with my nest, my three little cubs-and-a-cat, and we had good times. (See February 14 for the next chapter.)

The loveliness of March "coming in like a lamb" does have its caveat , however - there's a real possibility for flooding, and my townsfolk are going to be paying attention to clearing out storm drains, &c because when our wonderful snows DO melt, they turn into water. Streams. Rivulets. Puddles you could surf in. And those can result in basements you can surf in; when one's stash is in the basement, one is not confident enough in the security of rubber bins to be blithe and careless about the threat of flooding. You know, just sayin'.

Now, it's a well-known fact that our sweet housecats are, in spite of everything, NOT truly domesticated; they maintain a connection to their wild counterparts. When Lilliane saw my sweet lambie sitting all unawares, nothing for it her Baser Instincts arose and she had to investigate. Oh, I know, she looks like the sweetest of brown tabby lapkitties.

The wild and fierce hunter pins her prey; her only prior experience involved a mouse, so she's never stalked anything this large. NOTE: it may appear that she's greeting the prey in a typical friendly fashion - the truth is, this sweet lambie is from Bath & Body Works (a birthday present to me, thank you friends!) and she has a lovely fresh-linen sort of scent to her.

The rest of the pride arrives to enjoy the result of the hunt and.......

"Lilliane, this is Mom's Sleepy Lambie, what are you doing? She's going to be mad if you get it all wet and stuff. If you have any brains you'll get out of here while you can and anyway, it's nap time."

Today I'll be finishing the blue toque and pinning it out to block. I will then work on the green one. Tomorrow I'l finish that one; by then the blue one will be dry, I can then pin the green one to block, and on Monday? On Monday I will go to the Post Office and send off the last -- read that LAST! of the toques to their respective owners. Then, nothing to do but wait for the payment....and knit anything else! Now - it may be evident that I'm easily distracted -- scattered .... totally undisciplined interested in a variety of things, so I'm going to put a movie in now, enlist the assistance of Evangline, and stick entirely to my knitting.


OK, Evangeline, I'm closing Daisy. No e-mail, no Neopia, no solitaire....I'm knitting. I've put in "The Shipping News", it has a knitting scene in it. Single-minded, that's me.


Deb said...

My kitties are very afraid of the big sheep. No investigating - just hissing and running and hiding!

MollyBeees said...

It was so good seeing you at The Ear. Sorry it was just a flying trip in to get emergency supplies. Hope to see you Friday night!

yarndork said...

Yay, the last one! Isn't it liberating? Love the pic of the kitty and the lamb.

Flymaine said...

Cute Kitty pics!! Hope all is well. --The other Dale!