Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on the Foundling....

\ Huhn??

Well now! Nigh on to unanimous from out there that he should stay! I'm betting that people who read blogs containing the title "Cats"....are cat-lovers. (Thank you very much, Madame Obvious.)

Yesterday we had a gig at the Museum (perfectly fabulous program by a couple friends of ours; David Geister is a remarkable artist and does a costumed program as George Catlin!) and so were gone for a good part of the day.

Digression: one of the books Geister illustrated is called The Voyageur's Paddle , which is a great kid book about a Metis boy that's a historically accurate tale about a family during the Fur Trade. If you have a kid with an interest in that time period (or have one yourself) check it out at the library or favorite LBS.

When we got home, we were both rather played out, and because another advantage of Advancing Age is the Joy of Naps, we each decided to have one. Mr Dearling decided to take his in "the nursery" with Young Mr Foundling. So he slipped in, and I stretched out on the couch where I was immediately joined by Evangeline, as usual.

Sometimes Ev is a lapkitty, but usually she just snuggles up next to me. On this occasion, I got out my knitting, put my head back - and napped. It happens. Fortunately, on THIS occasion I did NOT knit while sleeping, which is ordinarily not successful at my house.

However, all five of us enjoyed our naps until after 8:00 pm, which is significant because the Shelter closes at 7:00; therefore, it was too late to take the Foundling over there. So of course, he had to stay home one more night.

We were off on Wednesday, so took the opportunity to take him back to the vet. He seemed to have a bit of runny eyes, and regardless of his future, Mr Dearling pointed out that he had to have that taken care of right away. We got him an appointment at 1:30, and prior to that went and got another carrier (we have only one, and with two - perhaps three other cats, that's not enough). We also laid in a good supply of Feliway. NOTE: Our personal experience with this has been highly successful - it calms and soothes our girls and ended a fairly serious dust-up a couple of years ago. That's just our opinion; we don't get any kickback or anything, and other people may have had other experiences. Worked for us, though.

We got the Foundling over to his appointment, where the VA AND the vet again declared him "adorable", "affectionate", "delightful". Turns out he has a very common little herpes in his eye and we got some soothing ointment for him. It's not contagious. NOTE: I had *exactly* the same problem a while back which eventually resulted in a corneal transplant - his isn't anywhere near that bad. It flares up in times of stress -- and being homeless for an undetermined period, being caught up and put in a closet, then in a carrier, then in his own room...&c &c - that's enough stress for a flare-up. I know. I have it.

When we got him home we showed him - in the carrier - to Lilliane. She looked puzzled and ran away. We showed him to Evangeline - she hissed a little bit but didn't even stand up. (GOOD SIGN, we're thinking!)

Mr Dearling went out and put up 20 "FOUND KITTEN" we'll wait. We haven't talked about how long, but I figure if we haven't heard by NEXT Wednesday, we will make our final decision about him.

Here's the deal: Mr Dearling said to me, "If you DID decide you wanted another cat, and decided you'd like to have a baby boy..........{drumroll} then THIS IS THE GUY." I'd have to say, this may be a question of getting what I asked for . I think I can deal with it. Next step: very gradual beginnings of tenuous Introductions. (Wonder if anyone will call?)

Editor's Note: Please read Panopticon today! There has been a theft in Chicago; all knitters should be on alert for items being offered for sale!


Yarnhog said...

Actually, I'm a dog person. But I don't hold the cat love against you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have heard good things about Feliway from others. Good luck!

Hilary said...

He's adorable Dale-Harriet! How could you not keep him? Here via IBKC blog.

Jane said...

Ok, so you know that cat is really yours now. Admit it. LOL He is a darling! My cat, Mittens, has that herpes thing in the eye, too. Fortunately, as he's gotten a bit older, he seems to have settled down and it hasn't flared up for a long while, thank goodness. I use the Feliway spray to keep Mr. Socks from scratching the good sofa. Spent a fortune on the plug-in version, and they ignore it.

Julie said...

Just love your writing, and your pictures. Found you through IBKC.

janna said...

Oh, Dale-Harriet! You must keep him!!! You know you want to -- and I think Mr. D. needs a little boy kitty, to help keep him from being so outnumbered.

Séverine said...

Stumbling on your blog (sent over by a link on Baxterknits) ; your cat story reminds me of a post I read on a Chilean cat-blog about how they proceed when they add a new feline to their already cat-blessed household (5 and counting, or is it 6)?
The basic idea is to separate them at first, but to make smells familiar by stroking the new comer with a piece of fabric that was used to stroke the other cats, and using a different piece of fabric to stroke the new comer and then the other cats. Repeat for a few days, until they have built some sort of a common smell, meaning they are entitled to share the same territory. I couldn't find the original entry in the blog, but thought you might enjoy the pictures even if you can't read Spanish.
Isn't it amazing the way cats seem to choose their homes ? That's how our cat came to us.

Anonymous said...

Awww, the little thing got cuter! It's hard to say how I feel, part of me just thinks that a thing that lovable must have come from somewhere, and someone must be missing him terribly, but the other part says, dang it, he came HERE, he wants to stay with us! I hope it's a happy ending for all.