Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A New Winner announced!

OK - I was unable to get in touch with Randi, whose guess of 58 toques was the closest to the actual number of 63 toques knitted for my Blogiversary Contest. (There have been more since, but at the time, that was puh-lentee!!)

Having said that, I am awarding the prize to the next-closest guess, Yarnhog ! , for her guess of 43 toques.

The prize package consisting of a few items typical of Wisconsin and the circus will be sent out forthwith*. Why "circus", Dale-Harriet? Well, dearie, because as I look back over all that toque-knitting it strikes me as something of a three-ring circus. OK - well, that, and I have a perfectly fabulous cool neat thing with a circus motif that I thought would make a very exciting prize. Circular thinking? SEE? "Circle" -- "Three-RING"? All right, it's thin. Work with me here.

Also: I am heading out tomorrow morning by car (and probably by canoe or ark) to go to the Twin Cities. My Bestest College Friend ("Auntie Barb" to the family), is having some minor surgery, and I figure this is an excellent opportunity to let loose my Jewish Mother Nurturing side, so I can go take care of her for a few days. (Nevermind she'll be fine, and as she spins and knits I have a feeling it may be a few days of wild, raucuous plying of needles and yarns, music and movies, munchies and moments and a powerful LOT of talking.)

I don't believe Auntie Barb has wifi, so I'm not sure how much blogging will occur, but I shall be taking notes and pictures, and the event promises to be filled with all manner of blogworthy material. Auntie Barb and I share an equal passion for Cats, for Sticks and for Books. Plus, there's a fabulous exhibition of Star Wars stuff opening at the Science Museum in St. Paul and there has been talk about checking it out. Oh, and barbecued ribs. (I'm taking Lovely Daughter's incomparable barbecue sauce along.) And probably Chinese food. Maybe a pizza or two. And now I'm going to pack...hmm, I should probably wedge in some clothes among the yarn and books. Thinking out loud here.

*Yarnhog, please e-mail me the Pertinent Details (my profile says "email me") and I will send along your Spectacular Prize Package immediately upon my return! Oh, and so far.....no new toque commissions! Dare I say it? I think I'll be ready for them again before fall. Maybe.


Yarnhog said...


I've emailed you my address. Thank you!

Randi said...

Shoot! I'm guessing that I'm the Randi you were trying to get a hold of?? :( I'm just catching up with your blog today (6/23)