Saturday, September 20, 2008

Like the Sands in an Hourglass.....

Would you believe I don't even watch soaps? However, that's what came to mind as I realized how many days I've been back from Michigan without which I posted anything. Scandalous and inexcusable...oh great, blogging has the potential to be Something Else to Feel Guilty About. Well no, by gumbo. I do this because it's fun and I like it and it's a good writing exercise, and I will therefore carry on. Pfftht.

First, a synopsis of My Days at the Cabin. There could be pages and pages of exquisite description, but they'd be insufficient to the experience. So I'll let these do, and remember that each is worth 1,000 words.

This is the view of the cabin, from the sofa. I saw this view quite a lot during my days there, because the sofa was comfortable, was next to the glass door, had a bright light at the end, and had a coffee table in front of it. As a result, it was the ideal spot to curl up and read. I finished two books on that sofa. What were those, then, Dale-Harriet? "Harvest Home" by Thomas Tryon (usually available at used book stores) and "Pyramids" by Terry Pratchett. I read Tryon's book every fall, I like it a lot. Oh - and of course always accompanied by my cup of tea.

NOTE: I have to make an observation here. I drink a lot o' tea. I have tea in the morning, tea while I read, tea while I knit, tea while I watch television. While I sometimes enjoy an herbal, I prefer the "real stuff", and am not to proud to say I likes me a good cup of Lipton. I enjoy cream in my tea and sometimes sugar, although I'm as likely to use Splenda (which you can get in a cute little dispenser - the teeny tablets plop in quite literally going "tink tink") and of course when I'm feeling really luxurious I use agave nectar, the dark stuff.....oy, a digression from my digression.

However, all of this has led to a little homily quoted by Mr Dearling in a sing-songy voice, and never for the rest of my life will I be able to mention, hear of or think of tea without hearing it. He says: "TEA - the silent partner of Cats, Sticks and Books." I just think that's really cute.

This, then, is the view from the table seen in the earlier shot. You can see the door, the lamp - yes, even the cup of tea ("The Silent Partner of Cats, Sticks and Books"). Also the Small Knitting Basket, from which issued a total of four dishcloths, all left at the cabin.

NOTE: For 300 years I've made dishcloths from Sugar'n'Cream cotton; I have an embarrassingly large stash of dishcloths made from it. I read in the first Mason-Dixon knitting book that they used PEACHES & Creme cotton, so I bought some and tried it. MY OPINION, based purely on my personal experience and totally what-I-think, is that the "Peaches" really does come out softer, and another cloth I've made from it for myself seems to be holding its shape a little better and really is softer. END OF DIGRESSION.

Knitting and Tea = Contentment

Another day, another dishcloth!

Of course, there were a few other pursuits while we were there. Mr Dearling read:

And he danced:

In fact, he TRUCKED! (this is one happy guy)

Furthermore, we ate - and actually....
I did go out one day, and we looked over the breathtaking vista that is Lake Superior:

I've mentioned before my passion for the Lake, and although I didn't actually dip the toe this time, even seeing her from here and being in the area, restores me.

So I'd have to say that all in all, every element of the week was a delight. It was "away" - "something different".

And in the days since we got home, I've resettled, snorgled kitties, polished the story I worked on up there, added a few inches to the Dr Who scarf, gotten reestablished at the Museum -- and I'm feeling Prepared. Interestingly (well, to me anyway) I find these to be my feelings at present:

I loved the summer and enjoyed it, BUT....with the tenuous beginnings of Autumn I find myself feeling like dusting off my hands and settling down to Where It's At. Like it's the time to list the projects, prepare for the Indoor Time of Winter, and sort of hunker down and Accomplish. I attribute this to two factors: 1) the feeling that "school is starting again" and it's time to work; and 2) when I ate that tiny morsel of bear it really did change me, and more than ever I'm a hibernating sort of creature. Today begins my Time of Accomplishment. Welcome Home.

And now - I'm going to have a cup of tea (the Silent Partner of Cats, Sticks and Books.) Join me?


kmkat said...

That appears to be the absolutely perfect North Woods Cabin sort of cabin. Of course you had a restorative and enjoyable time!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, some precipice! It looks like a perfect cabin for a week up north.

Marjorie said...

Dear Dale,

Wowee! What a place. The shot of you (contentment) was so nice I copied it and will think of you when I see it. Wish I could have been there to knit along :)

From the recliner, nestled in with Cicero (Miss Flora just wandered away), yer ET

Juli said...

Um. Your weekend sounds more fun than mine. Although the cooperative street clean-up and quick-eat-everything-right-now barbecue were fun.
I'll trade a hurricane for a weekend on the North Shore anytime (of course, the UP will do, too).
Thanks for your offer of pitchfork unity; glad I am not the only one who wanted to cut that "lady's" power lines...

Jane said...

I'm not much for the tea, but I do love books and relaxing in cabins. You look as though you had a very wonderful time. Keep on truckin'!