Thursday, September 4, 2008

Window of Opportunity!

I am writing from the (very nice) Public Library in Munising, Michigan, where Mr Dearling kindly bought me and Daisy for a couple ...well, a few --OK, sort of a LOT of hours, to catch up on e-mail (nope, still don't want Viagra, nope not looking to enlarge ANYTHING, particularly something I don't have thenk yew) and read my favorite blogs, or some of them (can you believe it? I've gone four days without once seeing Cute Overload, I Can Has Cheezburger or Itty Bitty Kitty Committee). Actually a LOT of the real blogs I DO read, I AM reading.

However - quick synopsis: the cabin we're at is perfection; it's just exactly the model I'd have if we were suddenly able to afford one. It's in the quiet northwoods surrounded by ferns and trees and tranquility. It *lacks* cell phone service, television and innerwebs. I am not viewing this as a shortcoming.

So what am I doing? far I've finished two dishrags (I'm leaving them, as a contribution) and read quite a few pages in my Pratchett book AND entirely reworked one of my stories. I've also napped, dozed, and rested.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Mr Dearling went on a long hike, some four hours, during which time I rotated between all of the above. Today we've come into Munising, wandered through the grocery store (VERY nice, might I add, and Mr Dearling pronounced the potato wedges from the deli "not bad"); we also went to Pamira. Get this: Thursday is SENIOR DAY!! So our purchases were all 15% off, and we didn't even have to show the clerk any proof of age.

Waitaminnit. We didn't have to show the clerk any proof of age . Well now - I guess it's time to look into Senior Care Dove Soap. Although, as I'm sure I've mentioned here before, I REVEL in my Advancing Age, and one of the coolest things is this periodic little bonus of discounts and free coffee and cookies and so on. HEH!

I discovered that our hosts like GREEN - the delightful lizard-shaped door pulls on the kitchen cabinet are green, there are a couple green hot pads....the two dishcloths I've made so far are blue-and-white and white. So I bought two balls of Sugar-n-Cream at Pamira in greens, and I'll crank off a couple more dishcloths. We DID bring another nice guesting gift, but honestly they cannot know the pleasure we're enjoying in their little retreat, truly.

There will be pictures. I don't know if we'll get into Munising again before heading for home, so if you don't hear from me before Monday, it's not because I don't care.

OH! One parting thought: to my good friend Marjorie in California - MAZEL TOV!! She has, since we came away, become grandmother to a pair of tiny, perfect twin grandchildren, about which I expect more details in future. (She sent their glowing description, their petite but hearty weights - but failed to mention gender. Well, Great-Auntie Dale-Harriet doesn't need that to begin knitting Little Somethings, but it's a testament to her flubbertiness that she omitted that little fact.)


Anonymous said...

I love green! And discounts! How very cool for you. I'm glad you're having such a nice relaxing time. Have fun!

Anne Boleyn said...

What a great way to spend a very rainy (tropical storm Hannah related) morning! I'm all caught up and hoping you and Mr. D are totally relaxed and that your tummy is calm. Sounds like a wonderful getaway. XO AB

Alwen said...

I think I've been to Munising - as a kid with my parents on a long-ago summer vacation. Doesn't sound like it's changed much!

Marjorie said...

De Toads loves green (as do I!) but I remain totally flummoxified by _two_ teensy perfect grandbabies (one of each, thank you!). Talk about tiny toesies! Oh, my! Would appreciate prayer for darling Baby Boy (I'm not posting names in public), whose prenatal heart valve didn't close, and will have surgery to do it for him. Darling Baby Girl is doing well! I'll tell them they have an extra dear Bubbe :)

Cathy-Cate said...

I love your travelogues and your Madison posts. And your history, and your reenactor stories.

That's why I have awarded you an "I Love Your Blog" Blue Ribbon! Come check out my blog tonight....

: )