Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Potpourri, you might say....

I admit it. When your knitting project, your "WIP", your "on the needles" consists of a 47-mile long width of gartergartergartergartergarter &c &c -- there isn't much to say about knittin'. So I'm rambling. Digressing. Surprised? Like I've never done THAT before.

First - I just found out, via Cute Overload (you probably go there, no need to link) that the 44-year-old man who was solely responsible for the loving care and nurturing of the polar bear cub, Knut, was apparently found dead in his apartment in Berlin. No other facts were given, but I find it very sad; however, in his tribute they posted a seven-minute video from You Tube about Knut, and here's the link for that: Thomas Dorflein and Knut . My love ...uhm... passion for bears, which frankly does more than tinge on the worshipful, is no secret, and I think there's a special place on the Other Side for people who have cared for, nurtured and saved bears and other animals. I'm hoping that Mr. Dorflein is sitting, even as we speak, with his feet up, enjoying a beer with Steve Irwin and Henry, the fellow who took care of Chief, our wonderful polar bear at our zoo who met an untimely end some years back.

On Sunday the Lovely Daughter and I had lunch at a Chinese buffet. We love those. They're usually pretty inexpensive, you can eat yourself into a stupor, all the while convincing yourself that it's real healthy, all those vegetables and all. Yes, I DO know how it's cooked and all that stuff, and that there's probably enough sodium in one plate of kung pao whatever-it-is to replenish the Atlantic. Nevermind. It did, however, catch my attention that there were some offerings on the buffet that struck me as lacking any sort of Asian connection: quesadillas, for example. Pizza. French fries. Oh well.

SAY! I just discovered, in my amblings around the innerwebs, that there is a "Day" coming up which I can celebrate a LOT...I don't know if that'll redeem me from missing Talk Like a Pirate Day (I know, I KNOW, I feel terrible about it too!). Come to find out, November 15 is STEVE IRWIN DAY!! There's even a website: Steve Irwin Day . I don't have much khaki I can wear to mark the day, but I DO have a tan apron covered in animal tracks, that will do nicely!

FURTHERMORE, that day is one of high extreme merriment around here anyway because it's also my Lovely Daughter's birthday! So we'll be having treats and snacks and stuff for her and can easily tack on a tip o' the hat to hisself the Crocodile Hunter at the same time. I'll remind y'all; in fact, now is not too soon to start finding presents for the daughter plan to knit some blankies or kitty beds for your local shelter in honor of the day! (I'll take care of the presents.) Either that or, if you're swamped with holiday projects &c (which I never think of until the day before Chanukah - it's a tradition and we Jews are very into tradition) you might consider making a donation in Irwin's name......

OK, I'm heading away from that because I feel a big dose of verklempt coming on about heroes and infant daughters, and I won't go there.

I'll wrap up with a question, something I really AM very curious about. (And to the Lovely Daughter, who is even now muttering "Mom, you're curious in your own right", nevermind!) Here goes:

1. How do you fold your towels? I am VERY particular about how I fold my towels, and I'm due for a complete purging-and-refolding in my linen closet. Not much bugs me, but that does.......

2. How do you fold your pillowcases? I fold mine inside out, so you can just reach inside, grab the two corners, grab the corners of the pillow, and with a dramatic shake the case goes right over the pillow, right-side out. Clever, non?

I got those from my mom - those and knitting lessons. I'm raising to her my glass of tea ( the silent partner of Cats, Sticks and Books ).


Anonymous said...

Heh. I used to think that I was overly compulsive about having all my towels Folded Exactly Right. Then I discovered that my in-laws next-door neighbor WHO HAD TEN CHILDREN also refolded all the towels so they would be the way she liked. Since then I refold my towels and do not worry about what that says about my mental health.


Towels: fold in half crosswise (so the rectangle is now more like a square), then in half crosswise once more, then in thirds the other way. No particular reason for this method except that I saw a friend's towels folded this way and liked it. She is unbeatable in the homemaking efficiency and effectiveness department, so she is a good one to emulate.

I won't tell you how I fold my pillowcases because I like your way better :-O

slimsdotter said...

Towels lenghthwise first, then crosswise. So they can be hung up on the towel bar without refolding anything.
Pillowcases I fold rightside out, but to put them on the pillow I hold the pillowcase on the outside of the closed end, sort of flip it open and grab onto the pillow in approximately the same spot (with the hand that is holding the pillowcase) and pull the case down over the pillow. A variation on your theme.

cheesehead with sticks said...

I do my towels the same as kmkat - unless they are dishrags, then just in quarters.

You'd really not approve of the way I handle pillowcases... let's just say it involves tossing onto a shelf I can't reach well at all. I'm gonna have to remember that little tip about inside out though!

Juli said...

Towels folded as does slimsdotter, with the additional compulsion to have the edge seam to the inside of the first fold.
Pillowcases are folded rightside out, first in half crossways, then in half the opposite way, so that the little riboon or lace or other decoration (yes, a hem seam counts as a perfectly fine decoration) is on the outside of the second fold, then in half once more.
A return challenge for you all: How do you fold your FITTED SHEETS?

Marjorie said...

Hah! Interesting, all, but I like mine best: towels in thirds, lengthwise, then in half- perfectly hidden selveges and the decoration is always front and center when hung.

Pillowcases: in half, crossways, then in half again crossways-- and then in thirds again, to display the decorations in the middle.

Fitted sheets? Piece O cake! In Half, crossways, so elastic corners are together-- then put hands in Said Corners to fold sheet in half again-- flipping all the corners over the same way (nestled into each other). Then straighten out the other edges and fold to work with the folded corners. (not clear enough? I'd video but someone else would have to hold the camera!)

Oh, and fitted sheets are _always_ folded inside out, so they go on the bed right side up when opened & placed. I really like flat sheets better, but I'm weird. Dale knows that :)

janna said...

Towels -- like slimsdotter -- once lengthwise, then one crosswise.

Pillowcases -- no particular method, weirdly enough, although I always use pillowcase to hold the folded sheets and other pillowcases, to keep them all together.