Sunday, December 9, 2007

Idle Thoughts....

Last week there was an "only in Wisconsin" moment...perhaps even "only in Madison". It was in the news. A college student fell EIGHT STOREYS from the balcony of his apartment building on campus. Seems the police found him lying in the snow and took him to the hospital. His injuries were not life-threatening. They did not say if alcohol was a factor and frankly I'm thinking probably it was not because they tend to mention it, particularly in stories coming from campus.

I get my prescriptions from the pharmacy at Tar-zhay. They come in interesting little brown bottles that stand on their heads, and each has a little rubber ring around its neck. These rings are color-coded, so that each family member can determine which pill bottle is his. When they first went to that system they gave me a choice, and I selected the blue ones. Now, as an Elderly Person, I take a bunch o' pills. But you know - these rings are flexible but sturdy, and they're totally useless too good to throw away. I almost said "It's a contest...." and I was going to say that the winner would get all these rings. But see, that's no bargain, because it might be that they're totally useless, in fact.

What I would like to know is, does anyone have any brilliant or clever ideas for things to do with these? There are about a gazillion of them on the floor from futile attempts to convince Evangeline and Lilliane that they're Exciting Cat Toys, so don't say that. You always see these books of stunningly wonderful things to do with the oddest things, but I've never found anything like the rings.

Mr Dearling has a good idea: "THROW 'EM AWAY!" Well, he's right, of course. But they just look so...Potential, or Anticipatory; I can't believe that there isn't some truly wonderful use for these guys.

By the way, if you can't think of anything offhand but would like to have some or all of them, please e-mail me. I'd feel every so much better knowing they were going to a teched in the head crafty, artsy person with great plans for their little blue futures. (I keep seeing them with crocheting around them, but it ends there.....)

Lastly, (and this may convince you of how easily amused I really am): I've been watching "Kid Nation". (Very good knitpix material.) It's a very interesting social experiment (and blah blah blahtidy blah) but some of the kids intrigue me. The last episode is on Saturday morning and it is my Considered Opinion that they should give each and every kid who doesn't already have one, a Gold Star. (If you watch you know what that means; if you don't, nevermind!)

But last week, two of the little boys wandered out in the desert for a stroll and found the skeletal remains of a large cow. They were pretty excited, and decided to take a couple of bones back to show off in Bonanza City. One of the lads picked up the horned skull, which makes great sense....the other kid, a sort of geeky type who is one of my favorites, picked up the largest bone he could find and the last camera shot showed him trotting along behind his friend with this huge bone held over his head, shouting "PELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!" I just about laughed myself sick.

Maybe you had to be there. Leave me alone.


Alyson said...

Man, how did a kid come up with that?? He's totally my hero.

Those kind of look like they could make good stitch markers, but are they way too huge?

Oh, and you know, the guy probably was drunk. Scientifically, you actually have a better chance of surviving a fall like that if you're intoxicated. Something about alcohol/drugs and the slowing of reaction times - the body's natural tendency is to stiffen, and you're more likely to be seriously injured if you're not able to keep your body limp. (There was a case near UCF here where a girl fell some ungodly number of stories, and there was some scientist talking about how intoxication affects body response time and she might have more likely to die if she'd been sober.)

That's why I always get drunk if I have to climb more than two flights of stairs. ;-)

Jane said...

Did you ever make rubberband chains when you were a kid? If so, then you know how to link them together. Make a long chain and there ya go - instant Christmas tree garland.

Beth in WI said...

Look like stitch markers to me. Little Miss had something like that in a package of hair goodies, but they're clear (and therefore Not The Best Candidate for Marking Stitches).

What's the diameter on those babies?

kmkat said...

Clearly those are destined to be stitch markers. Do others in your family get their rxs at Target and, one hopes, get different colors? If so, collect them all! Collect the entire set! Stitch markers forever!

Alternatively, You could glue them as little non-skid, non-scratching feet on the bottom of objects that skid and/or are prone to scratching furniture. Or you could sew them individually to the underside of slippery rugs. Or glue them to the bottom of your bathtub to prevent falls.

Yeah, like Mr. Dearling said, throw them out. As cat toys, they could have the unwanted side effect of causing feline intestinal blockage.

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

I can hear those cute little rings screaming with potential. Though I can't say exactly what for yet, there MUST be something. I'll take them off your hands if no one else wants them - Beth, did you?

I love KidNation. Love it! Each one of those kids is amazing in some way or another. Well, actually aren't all kids?

Groovy Granny said...

Just now catching up--I call my home decorating style--early second-hand! I loved "Secret Life of Bees" too. Have you read "A Redbird Chirstmas" by Fannie Flagg?? Another favorite of mine--specially this time of year. I see something crocheted on the blue thingys too--just not sure what!

Elizabeth said...

Can the reuse them at Target? Just a thought. Mr SABLE suggests portholes for model boats. Can you take a picture of one near a coin for reference?

YarnDork said...

"Pelvis has left the building" Oh my gosh. That is priceless. Like the time my oldest son was about 5 or so and he announced loudly he knew how to spell "hickey". I just about freaked out, wondering where he had heard the word, what babysitter had we had recently, etc. I calmly asked him, what's a hickey? His reply? You know, mom, like a doo-hickey?

And, I love the blue rings, and I have several ideas, but I can't comment on them without having a more accurate idea of the size of them. Could you have time to post another picture with a ruler or something?

slimsdotter said...

I'm with Elizabeth... maybe they'll reuse them at the pharmacy. That's what we do with the rubberbands the mail comes fastened with. When the pile reaches critical mass, we leave them in the mailbox.