Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tidying up...

a few loose ends, as long as I'm at it. NOTE: I'm writing at 2:27 AM - on account of a) I had a lovely cup of Double Bergamot Earl Grey later than I should have; and b) I'm listening to my Steeleye Span station on Pandora, to which I am addicted. So is Mr Dearling; he can play Solitaire for hours listening to his Grateful Dead station.

First, apologies for not remembering to resize the pictures in that last post. I discovered that if you click on them, you get a much bigger picture than I'd intended, which is much more revealing much clearer than I might prefer ordinarily. There it all is, right in front of God and everybody: the schmalzy quotation over my sink, my bottle of Gingko Biloba (it HAS to be front-and-center or I forget to take it, shut up), my hand-knit dishrag on the tap which was, at one time, a knitted dishCLOTH but which is somewhat the worse for wear.

NOTE: the lyrics of the song I'm listening to reminded me of one of my favorite words: FOOTPADS. Otherwise "hooligans", "ne'er-do-wells", "schmendricks". There used to be such rich words for bad guys. There's a real romance to a crowd of "footpads and cut-purses". Today we seem to just have petty-a** deadbeats and robbers.

The other picture, of Jonny-the-Clown at the fridge, reveals much of my picture collection. Now, I've read the Official Grandma's Book of Required Stuff, and in the chapter about Photos and Images, it states very clearly that you should have no more than 1/2" space between pictures of children. Most of them, of course, are my own grandchildren, but there are also pictures of dear friends' children, quaint magnets, and - to the immediate left of the lobster magnet (Bar Harbor, Maine, as I recall - thanks for asking) you can make out the photograph of Lilliane, during Passover 2005, dragging a matzoh right out of the box to eat. She doesn't even insist on cream cheese and jam on it. I figure she must've been one of Tevye's daughters in a past life.

(Aaaah..."Gaudete", from Steeleye Span's album "Below the Salt", probably my most favorite of their albums.)

Also, as I write, it is officially the Winter Solstice! According to Infoplease it's already here, having struck at precisely 12:08 AM here in Wisconsin. So this is the longest night of the year, and I'll therefore get a few extra minutes of sleep when I do cry "Uncle!" and finally go to bed.



janna said...

I had to go back and click on that picture to see Lilliane and her matzoh. So cute! I've had cats in the past who liked cracker-y stuff, but I never tried matzoh on them.

Diane said...

I must have an old edition of the grandmother's handbook. Mine says that if you can see any part of the fridge other than the handles, you don't have enough stuff on it.