Friday, December 14, 2007

"Quantitatively Challenged"

All right, back to these rubber rings. I had no idea I would open a can of whup-ass create some real interest! Wait - I cannot tell a lie. That strike-out? See, I'm watching telly while writing, and someone on the show said "You musta opened up a can o' whup-ass"and I had to hold both hands over my mouth to not howl with laughter and wake up Mr Dearling who, being a Normal Human Person, is asleep in bed. All of which has nothing to do with this post. Nevermind.

So anyway! All the suggestions were really good; I can't begin to tell you how much I wish these rings were small enough to use as stitch markers, or to add beads to them to make into stitch markers. Those coins shown among the rings are quarters. Twenty-five cent pieces. They're big. They're 1/4" thick; the small ones are two short lines shy of 1-1/2" across (are those eighths? dunno) and the big ones are 1-3/4" across. If I remember rightly, those are the diameters. In fact, the small ring fits snugly and neatly inside the big ring. They're not rigid, they're flexible but not flabby. And useless of questionable value when they've finished identifying MY pill bottles.

Might I add - Mr Dearling doesn't Take Stuff. He rarely has prescriptions at all, and when he does he usually gets them from Walgreen's, so it's not like the following conversation will ever take place:

ME: Uhm...Love? It's morning time and therefore time for me to take my Bowl of Pills with Cream and Sugar that I take in the morning because I'm very old.

Mr Dearling: Well, two years ago I got a prescription for pills because I twisted my ankle. Are you sure you have the right pills there?

ME: Gee, let me see, what color of rubber rings are there on your prescriptions because I don't want to take a Twisted Ankle Pill because I don't have any. (Twisted ankles.)

Mr Dearling: YOUR pills have blue rings around their necks, they look like escapees from the Croatian Navy. Mine, on the other hand, have NO RINGS. Therefore, don't take anything from a bottle that doesn't have a blue rubber ring around its neck.

ME: OK then.

NOTE: There's a minor complication here. I take a couple of "what makes you think those do any good?" pills, like Lutein for my eye which sometimes goes wonky, and (when I remember) 1) where they are; and 2) that I DO take them.....Gingko Biloba. Or, as Mr Dearling calls them, "Gingky Balboa".

OK, now that you can probably understand the size of these rubber rings which come also in a variety of other colors in case you get your pills from Target and there are enough people and pills in your family that you each need your own color so you don't erroneously and mistakenly take the wrong stuff -- I repeat, "Any idea for anything clever they can be used for? Because they still just look too nice to simply throw away."

"Gee, Mom, sorry - they're just not interesting. And putting them in a bowl does NOT make them tasty, either. Just sayin'."

Editor's note: I did check; the Pharmacy cannot reuse the rings, because of issues of sterility, &c. Would've been a good idea.


Yarnhog said...

If you've got some glue and aluminum foil, I'm sure my 10-year-old can make them into a space shuttle. Or something.

Kitty Mommy said...

My 3-year-old saw the picture and announced that they should be "Blue's Clues" paw prints. Incidentally, she had no idea that you were looking for a use for them.

Elizabeth said...

I would take them to a preschool or kindergarten and give them to the teacher. I'm sure they can find some crafty use for them.

Anonymous said...

Depending on how flexible they are, can they be linked together to form a long chain? Then you could, well, I don't know, but you'd have a chain of them instead of a bowlful. Seriously though, I'd check around with some elementary/preschools and ask the art teacher if they can use them. I remember when my MIL retired, she taught art, and she gave us some of her old supplies, one of them being a container of about a zillion clothespins, the kind with the spring. Only 2 boys at that time, but did they ever have fun just trying to think of things to do with them. You'd be amazed at the creativity of those smaller ones. They think up things that as adults, we never would have thought of. Obviously, as illustrated with that pelvis quote. I'm still laughing at that one.

sophanne said...

paint them gold and hand them out on some yarn as some "5 gol-den rings" Christmas mementos,