Saturday, December 15, 2007

Not ONLY dreaming....

....of a White Christmas. It's snowing again! We have a genuine and lovely snowfall goin' on and it looks like it's supposed to look in Wisconsin before Christmas. Last weekend we had that fascinating forecast called "Wintry Mix". That sounds like plates of powdered sugar cookies,fluffy snowglobes, stuff like that. What it means is, snow...and rain, sleet, hail, ice -- all at once, so the lovely snow becomes encased in inches (actual INCHES) of glare ice. In such weather I drive like a Little Old Lady: stay to the right, go at a comfortable speed {shut UP! If you're comfortable driving over 12 MPH go AROUND!} NOTE: I have been known to flip a bird or make other obscene gestures, but I try to keep my hand below window level. I'm a lady, if nothing else, gawdommit!

Now, I'm just now getting caught up on the wonderful events of last weekend, which got set on the back burner because of my Rubber Ring Event.

NOTE: I have decided to follow the suggestions to give them to a preschool nearby (there are two, a community center one and a Montessori). And Mrs S.A.B.L.E., because you suggested it first (and because you're "local") allow me to buy you a round at the Sow's Ear when next we meet there!

Now then, a recap of last weekend, which was one of the busiest I've had all year. It's awe-inspiring how much fun you can have in one two-day period. Legally. And without booze or dope.

It started with the long-anticipated Late-Night-Slumber-Party-Knit-In. When I arrived at the Sow's Ear, Lovely Daughter was already there, along with BUNCHES of other folks. However, my Incredible Parking Karma held, and I found a spot right next to Daughter's car, in the little parking lot. Beth was there, (Chocolate Sheep) and Molly Bee sporting the FINEST piggy slippers there ever WERE (completely restored from an unfortunate canine experience!). Only she and I were wearing jammies - hers had lovely penguins; mine have woodsy, outdoorsy, hunt-y, fish-y, cabin-y things on with pine trees. They're flannel, with elastic waist and lovely pockets. (Oh - Proprietess Heather had her jams on too.)

NOTE: I love pockets in everything; as a result, I buy BOYS' jammie bottoms. For some reason, girls' ones don't have pockets. What, don't they know a girl needs the back-up battery for her tiny radio, a lip balm, some point protectors, a St. Anne's medal and a couple dollars on her, yes, even in the middle of the night? Fools!

I would like to state here, for the record, I was a Good Girl, and for the first hour I knitted steadily and determinedly on my Current Toque. (As I write, actually the next weekend, I'm all but finished; I have only to finish decreasing and draw it up and block it.) It'll be out of here before Tuesday. ::Virtual High-Five!::

During the evening I also worked on my "double Irish Hiking Scarf" pattern, which will be a baby wrap.Here it is on the couch at home, displayed next to Lilliane, who seems to be knit in the same colorway! How very Martha Stewart of me, to coordinate knitting projects with the household pets. (That's the Debby Mumm yarn from JoAnn Fabrics; they call that colorway "Adirondack".) I love the natural hues, and the way the variegation works up is just STUNNING. I can hardly wait to see how the "Beeswax" colorway works up. Watch this space.

As the evening wore on, some of the wimpy reasonable folks packed up and went home. To my delight, at one point Beth, our Hog-and-Blog Chocolate Sheep, slipped into the other room and emerged in the coziest, snuggliest jammies!! If I remember correctly, they were even an early present from Mr Beth for the occasion. NOTE: I just realized that one reason I so value all the time I spend in company with fellow knitters, be they the Daughter, fellow Hog-and-Bloggers, fellow Sow's Ear folks - it's because they ALL exude certain qualities: friendliness, creativity, artistic demeanor, willingness to share.....

As the evening wore on, Heather and Deb put on the movie "Elf", which we sort of glanced at while knittin' and chattin' and sippin' and laughin' and all that. When it was over, they tried "Pride and Prejudice", but it wouldn't play, so they put on that wonderful classic, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". It was 1:45 AM. As it had gotten to that hour where conversation lags a little (although we WERE all still quite perky), we watched it. Who could NOT love that movie? It has Audrey Hepburn and a cat. And that handsome guy. You know the one. Yeah, that guy.

The Lovely Daughter and I lasted until about 3:30 AM. We wanted, desperately, to stay on, especially since there was talk of going out for breakfast at "Smut and Eggs" in the morning. (It's a local watering hole that serves breakfast with porn movies early in the morning.) It's a Madison thing. Anyone offended just doesn't go! It's Madison. NOTE: I've seen porn exactly once - and I have to say, perhaps it was my advanced age, but it absolutely Cracked. Me. Up. Looked like an awful lot of athleticism and effort, not romantic at all, I can tell you. Here's a Dale-Harriet Homily of Life (observations over a long life): Sex is not, no matter who's directing, a spectator sport. I have spoke.

However - we did NOT make it all night (haven't heard yet if they actually did go; I'm not asking so I don't feel jealous). My Sensible Daughter decided she wanted to drive home while still conscious, and I?

I had to be at the Museum at 8:30 in the morning, in Metis apparel of the 18th century.

DISCLAIMER: this is not a particularly good picture; however, that IS me "in the 18th century". For the opening of the Fur Post at the Museum, this is what I wore. We will now resume regular programming.

The opening of the Fur Post was the Second Major Event of the weekend. I've mentioned here and there (I think) that Mr Dearling and I had wanted, hoped for, lobbied for this exhibit for quite some time. Having had probably two...two-and-a-half hours' sleep, I was PERKY! Well, vertical. Whaddya want anyway? Actually, it was a lot of fun. Some of our friends were in town from Minnesota, visiting their college child, and they came; our good friends Ginny and Jack came; there were also quite a number of regular Museum visitors including three groups of little Cub Sprouts. We showed off the trade goods and furs like children with a school friend over, showing off their bedroom treasures. As there isn't really anywhere in or near the Post to sit down, by the end of the afternoon I had one big case of Museum Legs. You know the ones - comes from standing around and walking short distances. Not enough for exercise, too much to be restful.

When all was said and done we changed into our nicer-than-usual clothes (taken to the Museum in advance) and headed off for the Third Event of the weekend:

Dinner at a very nice cafe in Barbaoo with a crowd of old friends and new, a fascinating mix of people, followed by finding our box seats (!) at the wonderful old Al Ringling Theatre for a performance of "Nutcracker", including a spectacular small solo and role by my dear friend Jody's (eye-wateringly beautiful) granddaughter. The company at table included the Librarian of the International Crane Foundation; a fascinating college professor from Buffalo, NY and his wife; the ballerina's delightful mother (whom I've known since she was a rather little girl); my special pal Jody, other friends of hers, and of course the best company of all, Mr Dearling. It was a very congenial group, and the theatre, literally just steps from the cafe, was beautiful. I'd never seen it before (which is, now I think of it, a little embarrassing - Barbaoo is only about 45 min. from Madison and we're there from time to time, just never went to the theatre.) NOTE: Baraboo is also the home of "Circus World Museum" which was the wintering quarters of the Ringling Bros. Circus - it's fabulous, if y'all ever come to visit me I'll take you there. I also learned there's apparently a VERY nice yarn shop there, which I've never visited. Another embarrassment.

The ballet, a variation on the more traditional Tchaikovsky, was nice enough; there were some exceptional performances (the Arabian Dance was mighty fine!) and of course our darling little friend really WAS a delight. She danced with a crisp technology coupled with a quality mandatory for truly good ballet dancing. The French have the perfect description of it: Joie de Vivre . She dances with laughter in her feet and sparkles in her hands, excitement and enthusiasm in her eyes and a smile on her lips. Her variation was short, but it was an absolute pleasure to watch. (Did I mention that I KNOW? That...having been a classical ballerina myself for a short period of my life and having studied with a genuine Hungarian ballet master, I know from classical ballet? Well I do, so nevermind.)

When we came out after the performance and bade farewell to the wonderful company, it was snowing big, soft, sparkling snowflakes, perfect snow-globe ones. Absolutely breathtaking, entirely wonderful.

One last thing: After seeing me safely tucked into the car to go home, Mr Dearling stopped and wrote in the snow on the windshield before going around to the drivers' side.

That was one CAPITAL weekend.

Now I've caught up on my sleep, organized my knitting again, and this weekend is for continuing knitting, Christmas-Letter-writing and preparation. And it's snowing again, beautifully.


Anonymous said...

Dude, it's snowing here too!!! Son #1 hardly waited until I was lucid to ask to go outside. The other 2 waited until a more reasonable hour. Now, we're all headed out there to play. Don't forget, too, to ask the school if they can take pictures of whatever they make with those rings. I'd love to see what they come up with. I'm seeing paper mache fishies and those rings as bubbles in some sort of 3-d mobile or something. Would be cute anyway. And kudos to you for staying up so long on purpose? Do you get all stupid and giddy and well, drunk-like on lack of sleep like I do? My sister and I always joke and say we're such a cheap date because you don't have to buy is any drinks, just deprive us of sleep and you get the same effect without the costly liquor! Or hangovers! PS. Nice yarn/cat combo. I'll have to look for that. The yarn, I already have 3 cats. said...

Truly a beautiful baby wrap you have OTN there. That is a lucky baby.

How on earth did you manage to stay awake the day after the slumber party? I can stay up all night if I must but the next day I am toast. You must have some superpowers that are absent in The Kat.

MX said...

What a weekend, wow. How DO you do it??

I loved Mr. Dearling's note to you, awwwwwwwwwww

Anonymous said...

"Smut and Eggs?" Yer killin' me.


Yarnhog said...

That sounds like an absolutely fantastic weekend!

The first (and last) time I ever watched porn, I cracked up, too. Is there anything on the face of the earth more dorky looking? Jiggling and bouncing and funky music in the background...yeah, that's a real turn on! Not sure I want to eat while watching it, though.

Jane said...

What a lovely weekend - and snow, too! The only snow I'm going to see this Christmas will be in Boston this weekend. But that's enough, as long as it doesn't keep me from getting home for the big day. And I love the idea of a cabled baby wrap!