Friday, December 7, 2007

No Pix for YOU!

(With a nod to the soup nazi, of course.) Well, I have things to say and will, but I first have to report an SOS! The Lovely Daughter alerted me to the fact that, when she tried to bigamize my pictures they tried to open in some peculiar program instead of just getting bigger! So I tried it (because thank you, Mrs S.A.B.L.E.!) I learned how to size them appropriately for the blog) and for SOME reason, and believe when I tell you I have NO idea why -- Daisy tried to open the larger pictures in -- are you ready for THIS? WordPerfect! This is a Major Problem, and until I fix it I will either have pictures you can't biggify or {sob} no pictures a-tall. There you have it.

This is going to be brief anyway. I'm getting ready to go to the Sow's Ear All-Night Knit! There's a Late-Night Knit on the first and third Fridays of each month, but this is a gen-u-ine, full-fledged Knit-and-Sip SLUMBER PARTY...although of course "slumber" party is a euphemism for "HAha we're going to stay up all night laughing and talking and eating stuff and getting ridiculous and calling boys and painting...."

Ooops. Got carried away. In this case, because we are all Mature, Elegant, Sophisticated, Mature Knitters, I'm sure we will sit demurely knitting and exchanging notes, tittering wickedly melodically chuckling - we'll be sipping our tea, admiring one another's work...there may be some rude jokes reading aloud of wholesome and uplifting literature.

My Cool Rolling Yarn Thingie is packed with yarn, projects, a couple of little piggies (it IS at the Sow's Ear), patterns, camera, my current book, a couple of books that ARE good for reading aloud (in case the opportunity arises; I love to read aloud). I'm taking a couple of dreidls and some M&Ms to get a game going (if only with Lovely Daughter). I'm taking some playing cards - and now, in the last minutes before tearing out the door, anything else I can think of to throw in and bring along.

Only thing that remains now is to go put on my jammies, put my teddy slippers in a bag (unlike Molly Bee, I don't have piggy slips), and head on out. I thought about bringing along Daisy and blogging right from the very event, but I think I'll just take notes in my Blogosphere Journal. Watch this space for next report!

NOTE: I can't stay ALL night, as I have to be at the Museum tomorrow morning at 8:30 am, dressed like a Metis woman (Mr Dearling will be garbed as a voyageur) and we will be portraying characters in the fur trade to officially open our new Fur Post exhibit! I will take pictures there too, count on it - - and when we're finished there, we have to dress like grown-ups and hie ourselves up to Baraboo, where we will be meeting friends for dinner followed by an evening at the ballet! My dear friend Jody's stunning granddaughter has a role in their "Nutcracker Suite", and we're to join the family in their BOX! Now....Sunday evening is our annual Chanukah party at our friends' home (I have to take a salad). THEREFORE - it may be as late as Monday before I can sort out all this excitement and write about it. Therefore...

TESTING TESTING!I tried foolling around with my pictures and MAY have found a solution. Therefore, observe the following. Try to biggify them if you like, but if they try to open in WordPerfect or Yiffniff 2.0 or some bizarre thing, just enjoy them as they are. I'm still learning, leave me alone.

This is my little menorah on the second night of Chanukah.I admit, the items around it seem to suggest a wide and ecumenical faith system. They would be right. Our family line is: "I believe in everything, Mr Dearling is skeptical of everything."

Yes, that is a cat on the table. Evangeline has studied Tasteful and Elegant Table Settings 101, and must approve all arrangements.You will also notice that there is no FOOD on the actual table. When everyone crowded into the kitchen for the traditional meal of latkes (potato pancakes fried in oil), she cleared out. What's that? You think there might possibly be a cat hair somewhere on that table? Why yes, I think there may, although none are on plates (I checked). It's a well-known fact that friendly family meals are enhanced by the presence, somewhere, of a cat hair. 'Nough said.


Marjorie said...

Dear Dale,

They DO biggify, just fine thank you. Love the Menorah, and dear kitty on the table.

NO project is complete without the cat hair-- but you know that one already.

Elizabeth said...

The pics are behaving well.

I hope to see you all next time. I feel like I've got something going on in my left eye and a bit of a raw throat, and I just don't think it's fair to be out and about exposing everyone else. I'll knit and sip my tea at home this time.

Jane said...

The photos are working fine for me, too. And really, if you don't like cat hair on the table, don't come to my house. hee hee

kmkat said...

Pictures biggify on my Mac, too. Looks like you fixed the problem.

Your display of spiritual ecumenicism made me smile, especially the Egyptian cat. I think I have one somewhere I got on eBay. No cat-lover's home is complete without one. Just as no meal is complete without a little cat hair... in everything :)

YarnDork said...

I have a t-shirt that says "No outfit is complete without a little cat hair". My sister thinks the same thing of dinner. It hasn't killed anyone yet.

Cindy G said...

pictures bigmify fine. Evangeline is the most elegant looking table decor I have seen in some time.